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What does Ecommerce website development mean ?

Ecommerce Website Development is simply means development of a mechanism / interface through which your customers can view and buy your products online. An ecommerce website must have a category page, product page and checkout

Any traditional business requires investment in real estate, interior decoration, skilled staff hiring etc. With the advent of ecommerce, establishing a business has become really easy. Ecommerce has swept through the country like a wave. While big giants showed the way, small players are really coming out strong with their personalized ecommerce store. Today a lot of brands are realizing the potential of ecommerce and the benefits of having their own ecommerce store.

why develop ecommerce website

An ecommerce website development will help your business reach a global audience, establish your brand identity online and improve your sales. Digital penetration is comparatively cheaper than traditional approach. Let us help you in building your ecommerce website while you focus on your business.

ecommerce website development


Give us a change to build your online ecommerce store and see your sales skyrocketing



Ecommerce is a great way to reach your customers. Making a digital footprint is cheaper and faster. Because of various forms of online medium, it is easier to target and position your product in the market. Numerous attributes are available for digital marketers today to narrow down ads, these parameters can make sure that only the right audience lands on your ecommerce store. Apart from that here are some more advantages of ecommerce website development

ecommerce leads to wider reach


The reach of your retail outlet is local, it can serve upto a certain area. With ecommerce you have the potential to reach a global audience. You can accept payments in multiple currency, even have different shipping rates for different countries. As a website development company in gurgaon we will build you a scalable ecommerce website that can cater to a wider audience

24/7 availability


With an ecommerce store you can be available to your customer 24/7 365 days a year. A purchase can happen anytime. Impulse buying often happens at night. Moreover, because of a busy lifestyle, people have time to buy at night. Higher availability means more sales and profits and also higher customer satisfaction.

no bargaining on ecommerce


Because of the nature of the model, human interaction is less on an ecommerce website. Prices listed are final and there is no scope of bargaining. A customer has to pay the listed price. This can be a lifesaver for traditional businesses which heavily rely on bargaining. They can save valuable time and effort.

ecommerce marketing company


Because of multiple options to market online, acquisition cost per customer is much lower in any ecommerce setup. Moreover, marketing is highly targeted and really affordable. There are numerious low cost advertising options available these days. You also have realtime data and not estimates. For example, you cannot accurately track how many people saw a banner on a busy road, but your online views and impressions are completely trackeable.

ecommerce website analytics


As a ecommerce website developer we make all our websites from a decision maker’s point of view. This means that we give our customers every metric required for better decision making. We can help you track your daily visits, sales, profits, inventory and generate thorough reports for faster decision making. Reporting can also be customized.

increased customer confidence


The world is online, if they can spot you online it gives them confidence in your brand and it also helps to build recall value of your brand. Even if your entire business model is offline, you should still consider a catalog based ecommerce website development. This can help drive visits to your store or shop. We can also help you build a hybrid model where customers can view your catalog online but book a visit to your store.

Ecommerce Website Development Features

An ecommerce websites can have various modules, but there are some basic modules that are required in every ecommerce website. We have listed the important ones. This list is by no means exhaustive, Ecommerce web stores can be customized as per requirement

catalog management ecommerce website


Products and Categories management is a part of any ecommerce website development initiative. An admin should be able to create unlimited products and assign categories to it. He should also be able to connect related products, cross sells and upsells

ecommerce order management


There is a process to every order and it should be incorporated in ecommerce admin. There should be various order states such as pending, processing, completed, out for delivery, delivered etc. Easy order management is the first step towards building a process

ecommerce customer management


Every business whether ecommerce or not is built upon loyal customer base. Customer’s information and their previous orders and history should be visible. He should not be forced to put in his shipping address again and again. Customer management is an important part of ecommerce setup

payment gateway integration with website


A customer should be able to pay easily without any hassles. There should be multiple options for payments such as debit card, credit card, netbanking. A lot of care is required if you want to store customer data on your website. These days there is an option of bolt checkout and the payment can be completed without any redirects

ecommerce guest checkout


People should be able to checkout without creating an account. This reduces the number of steps required for a new customer to buy. You can also have a convenient option to create an account during checkout. The password field can be collected after the purchase. There can also be an option for social login at the time of checkout

multilingual ecommerce website development


If you store is global, it is imperative that the customer is able to view his products in his own language for better understanding. We prefer that product descriptions be manually translated so that there is no scope of ambiguity. Similarly there should option to pay in local currency. For that a bilateral payment gateway is required. Contact us to know more

social login for ecommerce website


No one wishes to maintain multiple logins and password. These days every one has an account on google and facebook. Social login can seriously enhance customer experience and reduce bounce rates. Social login is also most secure because actual password are never stored on your website

offers and promotions


Just like your regular store, an ecommerce website should also have the ability to offer special prices, coupons and tiered pricing. There should be a proper dashboard for offer management and generating discount coupons. Further discount can be coupon based, cart based or quantity based

google analytics integration


Analytics and reports helps you to make informed decisions. We make sure that your website is integrated with google analytics. Google analytics can provide deep insights on how customers behave on your website. We also provide you with an option of customized reporting. You can generate detailed sales reports and make decisions based on them as and when required

seo friendly ecommerce developer


SEO is an integral part of every web framework, because our ultimate aim is to generate traffic, leads and ultimately sales. Every category and every product can have a separate title tag, meta tag and meta descriptions. This can be further extended to include rich snippets which really improves your organic CTR (Click Through Rates(

image resizing and watermarking


Website server space and bandwidth is limited. Every ecommerce website must have a image resizing functionality. This makes sure that images are always uploaded in the correct proportion and the layout of your ecommerce store is not disturbed. Watermarking helps to prevent image theft by your competitors since product photography is an investment

ecommerce website invoicing module


Not only its a legal requirement to give your customers a receipt but it also gives a customer confidence if he receives his invoice along with the option to mention his GST details. He should be able to print the invoice from his dashboard. Invoice should clearly mention the products which he purchased along with quantity and also mode of payment

Ecommerce Website Development Process

We take a planned approach to building any ecommerce website to make sure that final product matches your expectation and is a great tool for driving your growth


The first step in any project is to understand the project requirements. We will sit down with you and gather as much information as possible about your business model, revenue model, your competitors and your objective. After carefully collecting your inputs we will suggest you an appropriate platform, framework for ecommerce website development.


After we finalize on the platform or framework, we move to charting out a roadmap of ecommerce website development. We prepare mockups and interaction screens to arrive at a blueprint of the project. We also involve you in this step because it is really helpful for the next phases. After a broad blueprint is approved, we move on to actual designing and development.


This is where the magic happens, we assign roles and responsibility to different teams at Redballoon. They work together in tandem to create an optimal output. We also provide you with a single point of contact who will keep you informed about the developments on your project. He will also clear any doubts and clarifications.


After the work is complete we present you with the first demo of the project. The first demo includes complete layout, colors, ui, fonts and images. We first put dummy text so that you can assess the look and feel of the project without providing any data. We carefully follow your brand guidelines while developing the first demo.


We understand that data may take some time, once the work is complete, out team creates the menu, categories, products and their descriptions. We also put your content in the about us, team section etc. We also have templates for various policies such as shipping, cancellations and returns etc that are required on the website, we will give you these templates and you can edit them and give them back to us for placement on the website.


We will apply for the payment gateway on your behalf, we will help you in filling up all the necessary details. A payment gateway vendor requires some information such as your, company name, bank letter, gst number, pan number etc. Once these details are complete, the vendor then attaches the payment gateway to your bank account. After the payment gateway is activated, we do some simple test transactions to make sure that everything is in order.


Once every module is integrated, we do a real world testing of your website. This helps us resolve any UI issues, technical issues that may arise due to number of factors. Your website will be tested by developers and laymen both. We will resolve any errors or bugs that will help us in arriving at a finished product. We also take your inputs during testing. We will encourage you to do a pilot run of the project.


After successful pilot run of the project, we make arrangements for setting up a VPS or a dedicated server which can handle your website well. We put detailed directives in relation to security and process management. We also block your website to crawlers and we also put various security protocols to protect your website from bots and malicious attacks.


Once everything is setup and good to go, we push your website live on the decided dates and we monitor the entire project so that there are no problems and your website runs smoothly. At this time we make sure that your website is indexable and any dummy literature is completely removed from the website. We also install an SSL to make sure that your website has an additional layer of security.


We make sure that you get a backend that is easy to handle and needs no technical prowess. We give an extensive training to your project manager or operations guy for website management. Website can be managed easily with the help of few forms. We will train your guy(s) on how to add products, categories and discounts. We will also train them on other aspects of website maintenance like clearing sessions, abandoned carts etc. All this requires no technical knowledge. Its a simple process and anyone can learn it.

Why choose us for building your online store?

hire an ecommerce website developer

We have a strong team of designers and developers who can materialize your vision. We can develop complex ecommerce models. We have worked with numerous ecommerce verticals such as fashion, apparels, accessories, handbags, electronics, groceries, tour and travels, education etc. We also have experience in B2B ecommerce models. Contact us to know more

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    Frequently asked Questions About Ecommerce Website Development ?

    It is a website through which a customer can view and purchase your products. It usually has category pages and product pages. There are also checkout pages and a payment gateway is integrated to facilitate payment for products / services.

    Absolutely, whatever your model we can integrate it online. In the past we have worked with B2B ecommerce models, hybrid ecommerce models and many other industries. Give us a chance to help you.

    Time has a direct relation to scope of work. A basic ecommerce website can be ready in one month with payment gateway integration.

    We have skilled developers for all your needs. We take up custom project work, please get in touch with us to know about availability and other factors.

    Absolutely not ! we give you a simple backend through which you can manage the entire website. You dont need to call us for day to day operations. As mentioned above we will provide a thorough training of the website so that you can manage it by yourself. There is no technical knowledge required to operate your ecommerce store. Anyone can learn it.

    Due to fierce competition, payment gateway now dont charge any upfront fees. They charge around 2% of the order value. From the next year, they charge a software fee around Rs. 1500 + taxes. Dont worry we will guide you.

    Money is directly credited into your account by the payment gateway. They will cut their TDR (transaction discount rate around 2%) and deposit the balance in your account. If your sale is good you can get payment daily. Otherwise payments are credited weekly.

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