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People judge your business on how you look over the internet. So much is the impact, that if you do not have a good web presence, they are less likely to business with you. We can help !

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What does Corporate website designing mean ?

Its just a niche subset of website designing. Its primarily aimed at businesses, companies, conglomerates, startups and SME’s

A lot of companies who have good offline presence are ghosts online, what that means is whenever your web presence is searched, very few or zero results show up in search engines, this not only makes a dent to your long credibility and standing but may also affects future prospects. A clean and professional website is the first step in overcoming this problem.

business website designing

Your website represents you. Its the face of your brand, your brand needs to be portrayed in such a manner that is appreciated and looked upon by all the stakeholders in your organization. Not just customers, any talent that joins your organization goes through your website first to understand your company better.

business website development


Give us a chance to help you design a professional and clean website


Business Website Design Attributes

We can help you design a professional website with sufficient call to action triggers to maximize conversions. We will also embed modern features like live chat, customized inquiry forms, auto-generated responders, that will help you cement your position and authority online

Dynamic Front End and Back end-

Having a strong back-end and creative & dynamic front-end is very necessary for your website. As a website development company in Gurgaon, we excel in both the areas to help you achieve your business objects effectively. We give you the power of to management your website from any standard online browser. No coding knowledge required.

Landing Pages with a Purpose

Landing pages are not just meant for filling pages, every landing page should have a goal. For example all your services can be landing pages. This helps the digital team, create different campaigns to market your services. Landing pages are often helpful in ad campaigns. We also make provisions to embed conversion codes.

Responsive Website Designs

Digital content is consumed on multitudinous devices. We carefully test our websites on multiple devices and browsers and especially on mobile phones. Separate testing is done for ios browsers since they follow slightly different protocols than chromium browsers. You may also opt for mobile first framework which completely focuses on mobile versions of the website.

User Friendly Navigation

As a website designing company in gurgaon, our years of experience has helped us develop a knack for user experience. We know their expected behaviour and what they are likely to do in the event of a dilemna. We take pride in delivering user friendly websites.

Business Emails

Get a business email personalized and true to your business. Business email is as important as a website and a very professional way of communication with your customers and peers. Being in website development business, it is imperative that we tell you the importance of looking professional.

Cloud Servers

We at RedBalloon know how important is the speed of a web page. All websites designed by us are hosted on High Performance cloud server platforms as we know that the audience and even search engines give preference to fast loading websites.

SEO friendly Website Design

You are likely looking at marketing your website after you have got it done. We make sure the websites follow google guidelines so that you get that first edge when you start your SEO campaign.

Business Localization Connectivity

If you are a local business / office and you are targeting your market locally, you should really look into developing pages that suggest local connectivity to google. We can embed google review widgets and maps to pinpoint your location. This also serves as a good local signal to search engines.

Social Media Connectivity

Social media is where its at !. Social media integration gives a personal touch to your website and builds trust with your customers enabling communication of business with them. We not only link your social pages on the website, but we place them on the website strategically so that a user is tempted to visit it. In some cases, we can stream social timelines directly on the website. If you see our footer, we are directly streaming our instagram account.

Live Chat

Everyone needs a quick revert. By integrating live chat on your website, we make sure that you do not miss anyone who needs a quick turnaround time. Rather than filling up lengthy forms, you can interact with him realtime. You can chat live with a customer from an app on your phone, which also rings when a customer requests a chat.

Website Content

Content is the king. Design is important for sure ! but anyone interested in your product or services will read your content. Sharp content goes a long way in inducing the customer to fill up a form or trigger a chat. We have talented content writers who can help you shape your content in a meaning full and concise way

Website Security SSL Ready

In laymen language it means a green padlock on the browsers which makes the user feel that they are on a secure and trusted website. If your website does not have SSL it will show your website as not secure. SSL is used to encrypt the communication between browser and server. SSL (HTTPS) is also called as security over HTTP.

Business Website Design Process

professional website designing

Careful Structuring

A website should be logically structured into pages and subpages. If your services portfolio is very big, it is very important that it is shown in an organized way. A mega menu really helps in such cases. If you have a good number of services then its is very helpful for SEO.

Deciding Fonts

Fonts have very strong impact on a user’s subconscious mind. Cursive fonts can be used if you are into a creative service or business. Similarly, sharp and long fonts convey seriousness and authority. Real estate fonts are usually long and sharp.


Colors play a great role in branding. The entire website should match with your logo. Font color should be legible and font weight can be low or high depending upon the content that is being written. Most importantly font and color consistency is very important

Content Writing

Content is first written and then broken down into meaningful chunks so that a user is not bored and at the same time his attention span is stretched longer. Call to action triggers are placed carefully at turnaround points so that a customer is induced to send you a query or call you.

Designing & Development

Depending upon the content prepared, we then design elements to accomodate them in the best possible way. This is done keeping in mind the content type as well. If there are lot of images, we design pages which gave weight to the images than text. Sometimes, full page scrolls are helpful in presenting sections.

Parameters we follow while designing a Business website

As a Corporate website development company in gurgaon we take into factor the kind of code being written and the process we incorporate while making a website to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.


When it comes to security, we provide end to end services like 32 bit Encryption, SQL injection prevention, Password hashing algorithm, SPAM protection, SSL Protection / integration especially on payment pages, Protection against Cross Domain Requests and Protection against malicious inputs.

Overhead Consumption

We make sure that there is no unnecessary overhead consumption. We provide solutions to JavaScript errors, Code errors, Dump data / code, Ajax requests, RAM Consumption and provide W3C validation and libraries.


When you expect more traffic on your website, we are ready with Code scalability, Code quality, MVC framework, Easy upgradation, Modular structure, Ability to get complex without altering flow


Get ready to give a stunning look to your website by our Design code Flexibility, make your website mobile friendly through responsiveness Bootstrap framework / grids / other frameworks

User Interface

You have questions we have got their answers- from the user Interface to load time we have got it all covered. We provide best triggers- sufficient CTAs to initiate action. And the most important one easy and intuitive navigation throughout the website. Get API integration / SMS / emails / Mailchimp.

Reporting and Analytics

We build websites that are Compatible with google analytics. Get Inside separate analytics / heatmaps etc.
Business Insight Reports such as net profit / profit per order / operating profit / RTD / Return on investment / number of customers / customer signups / number of orders with filters such as date wise, volume wise etc. (separate for each business)

Marketing Impact

List of services for best marketing experience- Revenue model that integrates thoroughly.
SEO friendly website – Panel for updating keywords, title tag, meta keywords and meta description.
Sitemap generation.
Sufficient Banners / Sliders for maximum impact.
Ability to offer discount / coupon codes / etc.
Customer Management
Social Integration including social login features.
Share on WhatsApp and messenger triggers

Why choose us for your business website ?

business website designing team

We have a strong team of Website Designers & Developers ready for all your project needs. From website designing and development to after sale support, digital marketing to Cloud server management and mobile app development to Payment gateway solutions we got you all covered under one roof. We have successfully delivered custom projects which are powering numerous businesses right now

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    Frequently asked Questions About Custom Website Designing ?

    A business website is simply a representation of your business online. It serves as an online catalog of your products and services. Most of the times such a website is very simple in terms of functionality.

    Our websites are powered by content management systems. Such a system gives you the ability to make changes to your website on the fly and without any coding knowledge. You will be able to change the text, images, emails, menu items etc.

    We work with a wide range of companies with different portfolio they can be small start-ups, large corporations, nonprofits, B2B, B2C and more with many business industries which include technology, travel, finance, arts, restaurants, Ecommerce and more. Our team take time and work on the your industry, its competitors to help you achieve your goals. We provide a wide range of services which include SEO, payment gateway, hosting needs, Google analytics and much more.

    Time always depends upon the scope of the project. A usual business website can be finished within 15 working days. It may extend depending upon the complexity requested.

    We have talented in house content writers who can write punchy and sharp content. We cannot write technical content relating to your product / service because our content writers are not subject matter experts. But they can always shape the content in a presentable way.

    We are currently working on react js, node js, vue.js, angular js, java, php and many other technologies.

    Corporate Website Designing Company

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