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A website designing company helps you to display your business in the best light and giving your customers a digital platform to view your portfolio, services and products. If its an ecommerce website, it is a platform where trade can happen any time of the day.

Due to a surge in the number of internet users around the world, especially in India, it is imperative to have a website which can be your catalog, your profile and even your shop. A digital platform is available to your customers / users around the clock.

Let us Help you in Designing a Stunning, clean and
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We are a team of skilled website designers and developers in Delhi. As a website designing company in Delhi, we can help you designing a website that portrays you in the best light, is well structured and it brings forth your vision. At Redballoon, every website is designed with a different approach. The one approach fits all formula is long gone. We make sure that your website design is unique and user friendly.

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Call us today and get a Dynamic, Responsive, SSL Ready, SEO Friendly Website with Business Emails. We are a Website Designing Company in Delhi

Features of a good website design

Modern website have some standard features that are essential in any website design. Here are some features that we think are really helpful and should be considered while making a website.

frontend and backend website designing

Dynamic Front End and Back end

Static websites are a thing of the past. Having a backend attached to your website gives you the flexibility of changing information on the fly and google loves that. Google prefers fresh content over stale content. As a website development company in Delhi, we have expertise in website backend development.

landing pages website designing

Landing Pages with a Purpose

Landing pages are specific pages which are designed keeping in mind an Ad Campaign or an SEO campaign. We carefully plan and design your landing pages with sufficient call to action triggers to maximize conversions.

responsive website designing delhi

Responsive Website Designs

Average statistics indicate that about 70% users view your website on the mobile. This means that your website should be completely optimized for mobile devices. At Redballoon, we take that extra step to optimize mobile experience for users so that whatever the device, your website shines bright

user interface designing company

User Friendly Navigation

As a web development company in Delhi. we take pride in building optimum user experiences. This is really what differentiates us from others. Subtle changes to website design can go a long way in improving conversions and bounce rates. Read more about good user experience

Business Emails

Business Emails

We understand the need to look professional. Rather than hosting emails on your server, it is always preferable to source it from a third party who can better handle spam and delivery rates. Dont worry we will suggest you the best providers, needless to say that we have tie ups and we will pass on the cost benefit to you.

website hosting company in delhi

Cloud Servers

Page speed is a major factor in bounce rate. If you website is slow, you are likely to loose out on conversions and search rankings. Search engines gives a great preference to websites that are fast because they affect bounce rates. A major factor in page speed is the hosting, we prefer cloud servers and vps servers that offer good speed and stability. Read more about page speed optimization

seo friendly website design

SEO friendly Website Design

Any website should be SEO friendly and SEO ready. What it means is that it should sufficient infrastructure to support google guidelines. For examples every page must have the option to put in title tag, meta tags and meta description. We also make sure that your content is indexable.

google business page designing

Business Localisation Connectivity

A lot many businesses have a local office, shop or presence. Integrating correct local triggers can go a great away in local search engine optimization. Its the first step in optimization your website to outrank competitors in local search. Here is an interested read about optimizing your website for local search

social media integration on website

Social Media Connectivity

A crucial aspect of website design is integrating it with social media. Because all your platforms are a way of connecting with the end user. Social media connectivity is a great tool to build a community of followers from your website. These days its possible to stream your social timelines directly on your website.

live chat on website

Live Chat

Live chat is a great way to connect with your users. Imagine that if your website could speak up, the impact would be multifold. Every website designed by us comes with a live chat feature. Dont wait for contact forms, convert straight through live chat. Why live chat is important in a website ?

website content writing company

Website Content

Content is the lifeblood of any website design. We have inhouse content writers that can write punchy sales pitches and product descriptions that are sure to evoke a response from the audience. Hit the right spot and make your customers stay.

website security and optimization

Website Security SSL Ready

Data thefts and hacks are more common than you think. Our years of experience has given us the insight into how hacks happen. We have strong security protocols in place that make sure that your website data is protected. We regularly monitor all our websites. We keep our back doors locked.

Types of Website Designing

Every website is built up with code. Its basically a relational database system. The only difference is how the user perceives the website. As a website designing company in Delhi, we have worked with various industries such as Ecommerce, tours and travel, social media, real estate, printing, hr consulting etc. Here is a broad classification of websites based on our experience.

web designing company in delhi

Website Design Equipment Used at Redballoon

website designing equipment

Website Integrated with Google Analytics and Webmaster

Google analytics is a useful tool to get real world statistics on your visitors. It is helpful in pin pointing bottlnecks. It gives realtime visitor information and also historical stats relating to audience acquisition, behaviour etc. Here is more information on importance of reporting and analytics in website designing

Identify which pages and links your visitors click the most

Google analytics gives you insights about where your user spends most of the time or where the user does not. You can use this information to make improvements and shape your website better.

Determine location / region wise distribution of your visitors

You can know your organic search terms through which the visitor lands on your website

Know what user likes and what he dislikes

Discover your top content

Identify your worst perfoming content

web development company in delhi

Technologies We use for Website Designing and Web Development

As a website designing company in delhi we are well versed with latest technology trends in website development. We only work on latest versions so that your application is always fast, scalable and future compatible. Read more about emerging technologies for Web Development

Node JS

Angular JS






Vue Js

Backbone Js

how we design websites

How we design a website

We leave no stones unturned to provide you with a fast, scalable and robust solution. Our expertise and strong portfolio makes us the best website designing company in delhi. Our talented developers and designers will knit your web presence and deliver you a powerful application

Complete Dashboard with Drag / Drop Builder

On the fly frontend editor

Backend Editor to help you manage your website

Be in control of your images

Add, edit, delete Content on the Website

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Why planning is necessary ?

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Why web design is crucial ?

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Website Maintainence and Development Services Delhi

Once a website is completed. It requires constant maintenance and upgradation, since technology is every evolving. New bug fixes and security patches are released every day. Let us handle your website maintenance and day to day tasks. We also offer website maintenance services after website designing.

website designing and maintenance

Website Backups

Website Errors

Software Updates

Check for Broken Links

Analytics & Conversions

Parameters we follow while designing a website

As a website development company in delhi we have certain parameters that we follow in building websites. These protocols have been developed after years of research and insights.


32 bit Encryption
SQL injection prevention
Password hashing algorithm
SPAM protection
SSL Protection / integration especially on payment pages.
Protection against Cross Domain Requests.
Protection against malicious webrawlers, (automated bots

Overhead Consumption

Javascript errors
W3C validation
Code errors
Dump data / code
Ajax requests
RAM Consumption


Code scalability
Code quality
MVC framework
Easy upgradation
Modular structure
Ability to get complex without altering flow


Design code
Flexibility / responsiveness
Bootstrap framework / grids / other frameworks

User Interface

How easy is the user interface
How fast the user is able to reach to the information requested or how fast can he buy
Triggers – Call to action. (Sufficient call to action buttons such as add to cart, call now – should be different in each case and easily accessible.
Most dumb customer rule – even the stupidest of customer should be able to navigate through the website.
API integration / sms / emails / mailchimp. Read More about User Interface Design

Marketing Impact

Revenue model should be integrated thoroughly.
SEO friendly website – Panel for updating keywords, title tag, meta kewords and meta description.
Sitemap generation.
Sufficient Banners / Sliders for maximum impact.
Ability to offer discount / coupon codes / etc.
Customer Management
Social Integration including social login features.
Share on whatsapp and messenger triggers

Reporting And Analytics

Compatible with google analytics
Inside separate analytics / heatmaps etc
Business Insight Reports such as netprofit / profit per order / operating profit / RTD / Return on investment / number of customers / customer signups / number of orders with filters such as date wise, volume wise etc (separate for each business) read more about the importance of reporting and analytics in website development

Website Designing Process

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    Frequently asked Questions About Website Designing ?

    Hosting requirements depend upon a lot of factors such as traffic, application ram consumption, cpu intensive tasks etc. If you have a custom requirement, let us help you in estimating the exact hosting costs. Call on us on +91 9711448083

    SSL is not compulsory but all our websites are SSL secured. SSL installation is free and included. Its always good to have an additional layer of security. It also builds the visitor’s confidence. To know more call us at +91 9711448083

    No you dont need anything. We have everything inhouse. We willl brainstorm the design, the typefaces, fonts and colors. We take intensive inputs from our clients because everyone has a different liking

    We have inhouse content writers how can write punchy sales pitches, product description, profiles. We cannot write any technical content which is specific to your industry, for example we cannot write your product specifications since you are better equipped to write that. But we can enhance tha.t. To know more call us on +91 9711448083

    You may opt for an annual maintenance contact. We will make sure that your website is always up and running. Broadly maintenance includes, regular backups, monitoring of web outages. bug fixes, code updation, check broken links update server and security patches.


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