Landing page with a purpose

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form.

The sole purpose of a landing page is to increase conversions. It is created for advertising or marketing. In simple words, when a visitor clicks on a particular ad or Google Ads, it’s where the visitor “lands”. Landing pages increase your conversion rates specially and simplicity makes it much much better.

When Should I Use a Landing Page?

When homepage of a website cannot deal with the differentiation, because of the multiple products or services you are offering, or you are providing different offers to different users for promotion, that’s when you need landing pages. This is nothing, but inbound marketing and you can make it as much as creative as you want.


Why should one use landing pages?

The short answer is to help increase your conversion rates. This is inbound marketing and it will definitely increase the traffic and improve conversion rates if used right.

For example, let’s say your company runs a Google AdWords PPC ad for a keyword. You can decide various things like When any user clicks on the ad, will he be landing on your homepage? And what will he do? Or rather what will you make him do?  You can prompt them to do a particular action or what ever YOU want. This will improve your online marketing.

What makes a landing page most effective?

 Here are some of the important elements to make your landing page effective-

Limit Navigation:

By limiting the number of exits on your landing page you can increase the focus of the visitors. Hiding website navigation elements on landing pages is very important here.

Deliver Value:

Imagine you are a user. Think about it yourself if you would go for the offer you are offering to the customers? The landing page will serve its purpose only if the offer you are providing is valuable offer, otherwise they will just leave the page.

Allow Sharing:

You must have heard lines like “loved it? Share with your friends now!” and you will see many options of sharing. And, believe it or not if people like your offer they WILL share it with their friends and you will get more visitors and even customers. You can also add referral codes and gain more audience.

The shorter the better:

If you use big landing pages with lots of unnecessary information users will leave due to boredom. People do not want to read a lot. They want the information short, simple and easy to understand. As a website development company in gurgaon, we can help you design crisp and concise pages that not only drive conversions but also look fantastic.

Test, Test and Test:

If you have a ‘landing page creation tool’ you can test your landing page as much as you want. Because, improvement is very important, you can always improve what you have, you can enhance it by adding images, videos and much more to make it more attractive.


By using landing pages effectively, you can have a high conversion rates on your website

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