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React Js is a Javascript Library developed by Facebook and released to General Public for creating fast applications which are engaging and runs smoothly with minimal coding.

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Why is React Popular ?

ReactJS solves a big problem faced by developers - having to rework on code when components changed frequently. React Js uses JSX language that allows HTML code as well as HTML Tag syntax for rendering sub components. React allows developers to write their apps in javascript and it also brings HTML into its kitty.

react js website designing

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Our frontend guys are well versed with React Js and its nuances. Whether its a complex web application or a simple one page website, we are confident that we can deliver a powerful and functional web application with enhanced user experience.

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Benefits of using REACT JS in Website Design

Fast Performance

The reason react is so popular is that it is really fast, because its built on Virtual DOM which is faster than the real DOM. Any changes that happen on virtual dom are rendered faster by the browser.

User Experience

An application that reacts promptly leads to a great User Experience. The javascript library lives up to its name, its called REACT because it is fast and it definitely creates an engaging user experience.


There are components and sub-components in React. Components help UI developers to break down complex code into simpler manageable entities. Developing in React is faster and scalable.

Big Community

Because REACT JS came from a tech giant, it quickly developed a big community and fan base, a whole repository of libraries are available to further extend react. When any language has an active community, its easy to switch vendors because the support for it is widespread.

React Native

React Native is a framework for building native apps using React JS. This means that components used in web applications can be ported directly to your native mobile applications. This solves a big problem for developers who had to maintain separate code base for website, android and ios applications.

Code Stability

React works on downward data flow. This ensures that children work independently of parents, a code change in children components do not affect parent components.

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Should I go for React Js Website Development ?

Every programming language has its pros and cons. Not all applications can utilize react’s abilities. For example a static website is best built on HTML. Dont worry, as a website designing company in gurgaon, we will advise you on the best course of action. Please discuss your project with us and we will help you out.

Can I use react with my existing website ?

Ofcourse, most popular websites have shifted to react to improve their user experience and rendering performance. Call us to know if REACT implementation can help your project.

Does it require any special hosting ?

No react applications can be hosted like any other application. In fact it is so robust and scalable that it can be hosted with minimal resources.

Which companies use React ?

React is powering big powerhouses. Some of them include: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix, Khan Academy, Yahoo, Codecademy, Dropbox, Airbnb, Microsoft, Atlassian, Slack, Storybook etc

Is it better than Angular Js ?

Both React JS & Angular Js are popular among developers. React offers a unique value proposition and so does Angular. Their suitability depends upon project requirements. Let us help you with your project, we will advise you with the best possible course of action.

Best React Js Website Designing Company

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