Benefits of Custom Website Designing

benefits of custom website designing

Lets state a fact first, any business today cannot operate without some digital footprint. Companies are leveraging different mediums to reach out their customer, but having your own real estate is always helpful and compliments your digital efforts. Because your competitor will have same reach around other platforms the strong differentiator is your own website. Its like a digital catalog that is much easier to read than traditional paper prints.

So how to do it. There are many ways you can build an online website portal. Some of them are far too easy and time saving but the question prevails, don’t you want to spend time on an asset that is going to leave an everlasting impact on your customer. Having to spend time is not a discouraging factor but an encouraging one.


So here are three ways in which you can make your website.


  1. Through website Builders

website builders for custom designing

Website builders such as wix and godaddy offer you a ready to go fast solution if you really don’t have time and want to go online as fast as possible. So whats the down size, customizability and flexibility. These online platforms are limited in terms of design and  functionality  because they work under a very small ecosystem. More over for a white label app you have to pay extra. So they first offer you things for free but later on when you realize that somethings are absent and are important for example custom domain name, they present you with paying options.


  1. Open source content management systems

cms based webite designing

Open source CMSes are amazing. They provide you a tonne of functionality and design options that sometimes they overshadow custom designing work. Anything is possible on wordpress, drupal or even joomla. So whats the downside ? Well these platforms do have some limitations. First they will never be as fast as a custom design. They carry a lot of junk code which is excellent but not required. WordPress is a blogging platform but people use it for building corporate websites and even ecommerce websites. Its not a proper shopping cart or in laymen terms we can say its not a proper solution to a problem. Also they are often bugged by speed. Speed is the number 1 factor in any user experience. To compromise on speed is to compromise on everything.


  1. Custom Website Designing

As the name suggests, it is customized according to your needs and requirements. So what does it mean exactly. It means that every code html or otherwise will be written from scratch and you will keep only what is required. If you don’t need the blogging platform so be it, you don’t have to carry the weight. It is going to be way much faster than wordpress or joomla and is gonna serve the exact purpose it is built for.


Here are some benefits of Custom Website Designing

  1. Unique Design

Wix and wordpress offer you good alternatives to custom design but they don’t offer you a customized designing opportunity unless you specifically modify the core theme for customization. All big companies go for custom website designing to create that unique identity and user experience that separates them from the crowd. Also the interface has now become a trust factor among consumers, with lot of frauds and security hacks happening online, a customer is apprehensive of transacting on a website that is unknown. We all know about amazon’s website user interface, we can almost instantly recognize it even if we don’t see the URL in the browser. Also their affiliate or connected websites also follow the same UI practices to cash in on the brand value that the brand has accumulated over the years.


Having a custom website designed will set you apart from your competitors in the long run and it can be built to match your brand guides. For example, the images, icons can be as professional or creative as you want them to be.


  1. Fast Loading

CMSes like wordpress and drupal comes with a lot of functionality but as mentioned above they do carry a lot of code that is not required but that is loaded when your website is loaded. The biggest problem with that is the speed. So even if you don’t need the blog functionality the system is going to load it because its in the loop. I will quote another example. Imagine you are an ecommerce website who deals in clothes, why would you want the software to show you an option of a downloadable product. You don’t need that right. But your website software will always check if the product type is downloadable or simple. This will create a delay. A custom website will only have code that is required and it only targets your own customer base. Consequently custom website designs are fast loading because it any page load speed optimization factors can be addressed. Another aspect is to look at google page speed parameters. Google considers page load speed a ranking factor and it has its own formula to calculate page load speed. With custom design you will have the flexibility of deferring render blocking resources and you can achieve that perfect google score.


  1. Website Security

custom website design security

A custom website design is more secure, since their source code is not publically available. WordPress is a fantastic framework and is very useful in fact we ourselves are a word-press website development company, but the source is publically available, any hacker can go into the source code, see it inside our and exploit a vulnerability which can cost you millions if you are a big company. Also you can always code, keeping SSL requirements in mind. Moreover, you can also deploy a CDN which will help you in improving website availability and speed.


  1. Flexibility

This is the number one reason you should go for a custom website designing project. Once you venture into the digital diaspora you will realize that you need a lot of changes on your website because of your reliability on online medium. You will have to optimize the user experience if you are looking at a long term goal. Website CMSes and builders are not scalable and they don’t have the flexibility that can be achieved with custom website designing. Their longevity for a business is really shunted. So it is my humble request that you design your projects keeping in mind the scalability and flexibility because in the long run you will end up paying more than you had initially saved by going for the other options. At redballoon we always follow an ROI based approach to website designing.


  1. Targeted Approach

The functionality of a custom website will be only targeted towards your end customers and nothing more. The ability to optimize a web application for your own business is what matters.  A custom website will always score better on user experience. If you are a big brand and your navigational structure is not proper, you might end up loosing your customers. You will see the exact drop off pages when the user is confused. If you go for a custom website designing, your conversion ration improves drastically.

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