Designing a website for millennials: How to tackle the most happening crowd

web design for millennials

You read it right, the Millennials! It’s their world, it’s their rule as to what remains hot and trending in the market- be it in fashion, food, technology and what not. UX Designing too, isn’t unknown to this world of people sorting their lives out, their own way- the “cool” way. But the most important question that pops out, um, you guessed it right- how does one make UX designing stay in the trend that this millennial generations has given itself too?


Well… keep reading, we’ve got you covered!


example of millennials

The people born between the periods when boomers were getting in touch with technology and Gen Z didn’t even see the sun, belong to the Millennium…and we bet on it, they are happening in every regard, from making a meme trend go crazy viral to making a street vendor reach the digital lanes of the West- they proudly go on with their ventures. In all this hustle bustle, one main question that arises is how do designing websites keep in touch with these “oh so trendy” Gen people. Well, go on reading and you’ll find out. Here are some key tips you must follow to create a buzz in the digital and virtual-visual market to match the speed of the Millennium.


Look at the lingo, William can wait !!

millennials prefer easy lingo

The most important thing that the Millennial crowd looks forward to, is relatable content and but obvious fam, if the language is relatable, the content is relatable (*remembers Derrida in silence*) :p

Therefore, o ye gentlemen of the designing world, may thine heavens be with thee and don’t use this type of language anymore in your work! (Sorry Shakespeare!) The Millennials like what they understand in the most cohesive and coherent manner. Thus, one key feature of designing websites should be the usage of an easy lingo with a trendy language system- be it memes, videos, visuals… look at what speaks to them on a psychological level, what goes inside their brains beyond the lustrous hashtags and you got it all then!


Simplicity and ease of access, AND no hassle!!

millennials prefer simplicity

Millennials belong to that generation which preferred sleeping a little more and instead of waiting for Ma ke haath ka parantha, they went to toast a bread and carry it running in the last bus to office that they could get. This makes one thing clear though- in this ever evolving technological world and a world of purchase and sale, time is money (spend it wisely fam!)


When it comes to designing UX content, three things have to be taken care of, with regards to a focus on this crowd itself, the websites should be as smooth as the butter in that morning toast, the working and operation should not be as complex as Elon Musk’s work ANDDDDD it should be handy, mobile and easy to access!


Designers should prioritise the fact that this product is going in a purchase market which wouldn’t wait for another chance if they have to get through from a 9-5, DUH!


You gotta influence the Influencers now!!

millennails are influenced by influencers

And now comes the most interesting part! The Millennial generation, because they were given a world by boomers which work on technology 101, can not imagine a parallel world without it. Let’s say, updating about my morning routine on my Instagram stories is important (part of my routine, don’t @ me!!). Thus, designers need to make their social presence regarding their websites.


This is a known fact that in a world where the largest consumption of news and facts happen through social media, websites are no biggie and no exception. Millennial crowd and their social media presence says it all! They are the crowd from which the largest “Influencer faces” (*drumrolls*) emerge.


Thus, keep in mind while you design a website that it’s social media reach is magnificent, it should be aptly designed in terms of maintaining a positive image and faster solution systems to the users. Remember, no one should go angry on any lags (shhhh!) and which is why, have no lags!

Attract their psyche and make them solve their issues!

Last but not the least, if I eat at a fine dining restaurant, I need things to speak to me on an aesthetic level and also I shall be able to help myself through the table. Same applies to UX designing and websites too. If you’re creating a website which makes the user go back to you again and again for even the most miniscule glitch (don’t worry, we all face them), then fam, it’s a flop show from your end.


Design the website in a way that makes the user interact with it largely and solve the issues themselves, YES- this may take up a little more effort maybe :p


Well, lastly, attract the psyche of your consumer through the design, layout and functions. Millennials are this very curious generation who consume through brain first rather than trying it out first. Appeal to them psychological points, y’all.


In a world of Millenium which is materialistic yet things liberally and vocally of psychology, appealing to their conscience through a holistic and wholesome way is the key how Designers can get into their brains, can design A1 81 websites and also stay in touch with the crowd out there. Understand, adapt, evolve OR should one say “chronology samajhiye zara”

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