Top 10 Must-Known Web Design Trends

Website has become a very common term nowadays. With the growing of new websites the profession that expanded hugely is web designing. Web designing trends has been growing and developing significantly. Web designers put efforts every year to develop the web design and to improve the quality of websites that we use. In 2019 the trends that we expect the designers to come up with are:

  1. Prioritize Mobiles

  2. Fast Loading

  3. Better Illustrations

  4. Developed Animations

  5. Background Video

  6. Creative & Bold Text

  7. Minimalism

  8. Finger Friendly Navigation

  9. Color Gradients

  10. Design Tools


Nowadays each and every individual from children to adults everybody uses mobiles. Mobiles have become a necessity in today’s world. It would be foolish of the web designers to overlook this fact. As most of the population uses mobiles so the development of web design and web pages should give utmost priority to mobile interface. The developments should be at first be mobile friendly then other interfaces. So, as almost everybody uses mobiles, then developing web designs first at mobile interface will definitely bring out more success due to bigger user base.


It has been seen that a user takes very few seconds to decide whether to stick to a website or not, so if the web page takes longer time to load then the user may leave the site. So, one of the most decisive factor is the loading speed of a website. Thus it is expected that the loading time of the web pages will be developed in this year so as to improve the UX. Cause nowadays people have very limited time and they can’t afford to waste their time in their busy schedule so, time matters. Thus improving loading time of websites can really bring out great results.


People get attracted towards beautiful appearance. It is seen that a user is expected to stick to a website longer if the website is attractive in appearance and the best way to do so is by illustrations. Illustrations add up to the appearance of a website. It gives a creative and beautiful outlook to a website making it more popular. People will obviously feel good to stay longer at a website if it looks good. Thus web designers are expected to develop the appearance of the websites by better illustrations in 2019.


We discussed that appearance matters a lot in the websites so another way to develop the web appearance is through animations. Animations attract users a lot so it is a very clever way to make a user stay in the website for a long time. Thus it is a good idea to develop the animations. The development of animations can be done using CSS variables and Houdini animation. Thus another most expected web designing trend in 2019 will be developed animations.


Another key to give user a better experience is through background videos. It is seen that people are attracted to moving things more than static designs and pictures. Thus, video at background of a website is and innovative way to enhance the user interface and thus attracting more people to a website. So it is also expected that web designers will take a look and try to develop the background videos at the websites as this is a not very common trend and thus huge developments can be done regarding this in this year.


As people have very less time nowadays so it is better to give the users a basic idea of what the website is about at a glance. For this purpose bold and oversized text can be used by this the user gets the basic idea of the website at a quick view and decides that whether they should stick to it or not. Moreover the added plus point of this trend is that it also increases the appearance of the website and makes it more attractive. Thus this is very much expected that the web designers will develop and make this trend more popular as it has double plus points and can really bring big changes. Thus this trend is another most expected important trend for this year.


Most of the designers nowadays follow the “less is more” principle. Making a website too complex or a mess can really cause great losses. It is very important to make the website hassle free and simple to use. This does not mean that the look of the website should be simple. It just means that the website should be properly organized and simple choices. Thus making websites simpler will make it more acceptable to the users of the website. Thus giving only the required and important choices can minimize the complexity of the website. Thus this is a prime factor in the world of web designing. So this occupies a space in the most expected trend in web designing this year.


We discussed that a huge population uses mobile and it is expected that priority should be given to mobiles; one of the most effective way to do so is by developing finger friendly navigation. The mobile brings the whole world in our hands a just using a thumb we can do everything thus developing the finger navigation can seriously benefit the users of the websites. PC, Laptops comprise of a comparatively less population but almost everyone uses touchscreen mobile or tablets, so developing finger friendly navigation can give some serious beneficial results. Thus this trend without any doubt fills up a place in the list.


Color gradient may sound new but this trend has been growing at a rapid rate and has become web designers’ one of the best choices. Color gradient is the technique of basically filling up a space by a specific range and position dependent color. This is color gradient technique is another trend that is expected to develop this year.


We are here discussing about big trend changes and developments that should be looked upon this year by web designers but then can’t do anything without the design tools. As quickly the websites and web designing is improving, with the equal rate the web designing tools are changing and developing thus more developed design tools are expected to get introduced in this year. Cause just like without the pen you can’t create words, without designing tools you can’t evolve the web designing world. Thus this may be placed last in the list but this is the most important among all other points in this list.

Thus the above list discussed about the most important web designing trend in 2019.

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