Most popular channels of Digital Marketing

What is digital Marketing?

When advertisements are delivered through digital media channels like SERP, mobile applications, websites, emails, social media, it is called Digital Marketing.

Popular Digital Marketing Channels

One thing to note here is that using all the marketing channels can be chaotic. It depends on the type of business that determines the optimum marketing channel. Not all channels are made for all kinds of business.

Here is the list of the digital marketing channels which are popular and effective for your online business. Let’s understand them one by one.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC advertising is always a good idea if you are a small business or large, new or fixated. Search engines like Google and Bing give online platforms to advertisers to advertise their business to potential customers through keywords. Pay-Per-Click advertising is very economical, high yielding and effective if you use it right. PPC is all about bidding and ad placements. It all depends on how much more are you are willing to pay than your competitor who is also bidding.

In PPC you pay for each ad clicks and hence the term PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every person who uses internet is aware how the search engines work with the keywords. Search engines are used to look for blogs, brands, products or services, information. Data show that 59% of the search engine users end up with the business of the local area for their needs. So, if you are targeting customers of your area, you create content around those keywords like people often look up for ‘website designing company in Gurgaon’ and find us. SEO involves several activities like making use of both on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, organic link building, keyword placement without looking spammy and much more.

Email Marketing

When your business is in a position that it has generated some significant leads, you collect some contact information from your customers like contact number, email address, which include the permission to send them regular updates. Email marketing is one of the best ways of marketing as it is very personal and dynamic. It can be sent in fraction of seconds to a large number of audiences irrespective of their demographics and the best part- its absolutely free!

Investing in digital marketers can help with conversions a lot. Data show that 56% of businesses say that they will plan to increase email marketing activities. That’s why emails are worth your attention.

Display Advertising

People are most of the time looking for useful content like blogs and articles to read online, so, these sites providing the content can be very useful for digital marketers to showcase advertisements. Digital marketers can reach out to the third-party sites and get potential customers by placing display ads on their websites. It may include banners, interactive ads, boxes and much more.

PPC helps you increase conversion rates and brand awareness. You can expect huge traffic through PPC as it works on keywords algorithm.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is one of the best platforms for marketing. Two best things about SMM is that no matter what kind of business you own, you can easily use social media for advertisements, pages for followers and promotions and guess what is that it is free. Social media has got a large number of users and you can easily target your potential customers there.

Social media is now being used more for advertisements and promotions than socializing. The number of social media users is rising each day and gives a promising platform to advertisers. However, which social media platform to use is yet another important aspect to consider. Some ads work best on Facebook and some on Twitter. Learn more about it:

  • Facebook

    – it is the most basic platform to find your potential customers. Just learn about groups, pages and get going.

  • Twitter 

    – if you are looking for early adopters for your new business, then twitter can be your SMM platform. It helps strengthen your brand position and awareness.

  • LinkedIn 

    – professionals, B2B leads, business owners can be found on LinkedIn. Reach out to business owners if your business is not something that is adrift from online mechanism.

  • Google+

    – Google+ is a good social network platform for reaching out to early adopters of new businesses as well as reaching out to the business to business (B2B) and social media user. It also influences the SEO quotient of your website. Unfortunately news is around that its closing down.

  • Pinterest 

    – This is a great social network if you’re focusing on visuals for the promotion of your brands, services and products. Remember the old school pin board. Pinterest is the same except that it’s a digital alternative. You can find that a majority of users are women, so if they are your potential customers, then SMM on Pinterest can really work for your business.

Content Marketing

Data states that 73% of digital marketers are increasing content marketing of B2B. content is the soul of the digital marketing campaign and this is the only constant constant in digital marketing irrespective of the dynamic environment. As much as good content is important for website, it is also important in internet marketing. Rich content generates high leads from potential customers. Rich content include innovative graphics, interesting videos, attractive images and high-quality text.

Affiliate Marketing

Data states that affiliate marketing will level up each passing year. Every business now wants to reach large audiences from larger sections of the area. Global Ecommerce started that way and now you see where they are! To use this all you have to do is work with affiliate marketers who will work on commission and will sell your products and services to other locations. You can use this if you are planning to capture global audience or a large part of area. 

How do you decide the right digital marketing channel?

  • Defining your goal
  • In-depth knowledge of each channel
  • Knowledge of target audience
  • budget

The right digital marketing channel for your brand or business will define your progress in terms of leads, traffic and conversions. Consider these points in the process of selection to identify the best digital marketing tools for your business.

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