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In this digital era, social media marketing is growing at a fast pace. With the increasing trends of e-commerce, online transactions, e-wallets, and so much more, social media is playing an instrumental role in providing an interactive marketing platform to reach buyers effortlessly. To reap the benefits of social media marketing, ultimately, marketers need to realize emerging trends and keep their marketing strategies up-to-date. As social media obsession is snowballing at an incredible speed, marketers can take advantage of such platforms where they can reach a larger audience at a much cheaper rate. Understanding and responding to the latest trends is essential to winning buyers in this fierce competition of social media marketing.

With the emerging technology, marketers should certainly not ignore the following social media marketing trends;

Live video streaming

Video content has brought a trailblazing change in the digital world and social media marketing. The addition of Facebook live feature, and the ease of uploading and sharing videos on other social media has entirely altered the social media marketing.

Live video streaming is the way to communicate and interact with potential and actual buyers. This way, marketers can not only share behind-the-scene production strategies and product demos with their customers but can also welcome valuable feedback and question-answers at every stage of product development.

Furthermore, live videos are a reliable way to interact with buyers where marketers can share product details with buyers in a better and more engaging way as opposed to just posting pictures of products. As compared to the old picture posting, video streaming jettisons all the troubles of vague detail issues, peculiar photo editing effects and much more which are often a primary concern of online buyers while making an online purchase.

Micro Influencers:

The importance of micro-influencers in social media marketing is irrefutable. Micro influencers use the power of social media to share the positive word of mouth about the product that influences the opinions and concerns of many buyers. As the scope of Online Channels and Subscriptions swell, the supremacy of marketing through micro influencers is now more than ever. Hitherto marketers have not besought the benefits of micro-influencers to the fullest.

Marketers need to be more vigorous in finding out the relevant micro influencers and using their followers and subscribers base to upturn brand awareness and brand promotion. Followers usually share the content with their friends, family, and colleagues who will increase the prospect of brand promotion to a more massive and untapped audience.

24×7 active communication

The timeliness and real-time presence in consumer response is the key to keep buyers engaged and educated in this digital eon. Buyers demand authentic and urgent information about the product they are interested in. The fact that buyers can be present in international zones where there is time difference, it is essential that a communication team is operative every single minute of the day. Buyers don’t like to wait to get a response either via email or social media. If they fail to get a timely response about the product they are interested in, they will inevitably switch to an alternative brand.

Therefore, an active social media team is a must for every brand to win in this fast-paced marketing era. This will brighten up sale chances. A proactive team will not only promote brand every instant but will also escort buyers in their queries resulting in increased brand awareness and traffic conversions.


Marketers have easy access to buying history and search history of buyers. Through the search history, clicked links, previous purchase pattern, and social media posts and queries, marketers glean valuable insights about the purchase behavior of buyers. This way, they can know their buyers personally. Knowing a buyer personally will empower marketers to offer personalized offering and promotions. By understanding the purchase behavior, marketers can use marketing strategies to deal with buyers in a more personalized and friendly way, which will help them build a solid camaraderie with the buyers. This association between buyer and marketer will inevitably upshot in turning potential buyers into actual buyers.

Involve your buyers

The rivalry between marketers is getting fierce by the day. This poses a severe challenge for marketers to understand their buyers and target them accordingly with an appropriate marketing strategy. For marketers to win their buyer’s trust and understand them better, the easiest and most reliable way is to get them involved in production and promotion. Through social media, marketers can ask for buyer’s preferences, choices, suggestions, interests, and much more. This interaction will help brands co-create the products and marketing strategies as per the buyer’s will. This way, buyers will not only feel connected, involved, and engaged with the brand, but will also have more regard towards that brand. Marketers can use such information in concocting a marketing strategy that is tailored to the buyer’s interest and is perhaps more influencing to buyers.

Post interactive stories

To keep your buyers involved, marketers need to make sure that they are posting beautiful, captivating, and engaging stories on social media channels. The marketer must ensure that the published stories are per the current marketing strategy, of course. This is a way to keep the brand alive in the hearts of buyers at all times. If marketers post a story only during a product launch or an offer announcement, it is bound to lose touch with its buyers. Because in the meantime, there are high chances that some other active competitor will grab your buyer’s attention. So, it is imperative that marketers keep their pages and stories buzzing with new and fresh content almost every day. They can do this by involving their followers or buyers in various kinds of polls, contests, guess-and-win games, Q&A, and so on. They can also post many exciting facts and accomplishments of their brands to flabbergast and influence their buyers.

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