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You can’t prepare for a cricket match until you know if it’s a test match, T-20 or a 50-over one, similarly you cannot choose keywords for your service based business’ website without knowing what traffic are you attracting and how much of it keeps coming back, how much of the traffic consist of potential one. You can know all of this, by reaching us to help you out with initial analysis. As an SEO company based in Gurgaon we will first study the status quo of your website and keyword profitability.We’ll help you with statistics like –

  • What is the exact search volume of keywords you are looking to rank for.

  • What are people exactly searching. Their search term may be different. For example, people search for us by typing the keyword website designing company in Gurgaon and not website development company in Gurgaon. Actual data is different for different industries?

  • Who are your competitors and what they are targeting.?

  • We will identify low hanging fruits for you. This means we will give you the list of keywords which have good search volume and less competition. These are called low hanging fruits.

  • Your onpage report. We will check your broken links, your H1 tags, interlinking among other things.

After analysing your website for the stats, we will provide you with Avant Grade keywords which will kickstart your seocampaing. Lets move on.

  • Rapt on Long-Tail keywords.

Trendiness of a keyword is directly proportional to difficulty of getting ranked, in plain sailing, if a keyword is trending on #1, #2 or among top #10 (which will probably be Head-term) it will be harder for your webpage to rank among the top SERPs, so it’sjejune to focus on Long-trail keywords which will make your business’ and services’ nature ultra-specific. Long trail keywords don’t rapt on quantity of target audience, what do they focus on is quality of audience, which are much more desirable to take up your services.

  • Don’t overplay.

While keywords are an important asset for growing your service based business’ web portal, too much of them will act as a slow poison for your ranking in SERPs. Too much of them will raise Google’s ears and will create a bad impression of your content and website,this will mislead users and Google’s algorithms will get hold of your ranking and they will bash them.

  • Be congruous with your NAP

Be consistent with your citations, make a protocol in context of your NAP(Name, Address and Phone Number) to be same throughout your citations and states, this will generate a sense of assiduity in your visitors, making them firmly believe in your portal. Infact if you are looking to optimize your website for local search, you should really pay attention to your NAP.

  • Create Back-links.

While keywords will be a way to drive your way up through rankings, backlinks will act as nitro-boosters in a race car, creating backlinks is an important part of making your website accessible, starting small, you may have to be patient and you may get less visits but you’ll have to start off somewhere, start by exchanging your links with other businesses on web for their links. Write blogposts containing backlinks and share them on various social media platforms, invite bloggers to do a guest blogging article helping you boost up your rank through backlinks and keywords.

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