How to optimize your website for local search


If you want to present your website to people from a particular area or region, you have to optimize it for local search. It sounds bit complicated, but it is not. The process requires some work and patience, but you can finish it without too many problems.


On-Page SEO Optimization

On Page seo optimization

First of all, you have to do a proper on-site SEO optimization adding your city or region to titles, subtitles, URLs, H1 and H2 Meta Tags. The entire website content should focus on that region only. That way you will achieve the maximum effect. If the website is locally based, then Google would recognize content moving it up to a better position on the search engine. You can also create all texts in a domestic language, and it will help Google to determine a current location of the website.

Adding the website to local directories can help you to create local links from other sites in the same region. For example if your business is based in gurgaon and you want your website to rank for keywords locally in gurgaon, you can submit to business directories that are relevant to gurgaon. Also always the information consistent. You can get natural traffic from visitors in your area, and Google crawl bots will notice that. It increases your chances to reach the first position on the search engine as soon as possible. Start blogging and create some valuable posts in your language. You can link the posts with your websites, but you should do that naturally. The keyword stuffing is a bad solution. Google crawl bots hate it, so you should avoid that type of promotion. The blog posts have to be natural, and your site will have the best chances that way.

You should consider joining local forums. Some of them will allow you to add signature links, which are useful for SEO optimization. You can create some meaningful posts there at first because you have to look like a regular user, not one more spammer. If you write a large number of posts, then your signature link would be visible in many places on a forum.
Business owners can add their sites to Google map. That is a useful tactic when it comes to website optimization. Direct links from Google offer many benefits, and if you have a local address, then it is clear that your website is locally based also. Furthermore, your clients have a chance to find you more easily. Google crawl bots love friendly sites. They often have better positions on the search engine. You should add all the details including your correct address, working hours, telephone and other information that might help your clients to reach you without problems. Bing Places for Business is the same type of directory, and you have not a reason to avoid it. Presenting your website in reputable places will put you at top of Google’s first page. And you can also get natural traffic from Bing and Yahoo.

Those are some steps you have to consider while creating a successful local SEO optimization. If you complete all of them, your website is on the right path to becoming fully optimized. Getting the first position on Google is not an easy task, but you can achieve it following those instructions.

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