What is Online Reputation Management?

  • What’s seen is sold.

Today, there are a million web portals and pages offering same kind of services. Type ‘coaching for JEE’ in a search box and you’ll be presented with more than 5,10,2900 results in less than 2 seconds. What makes your website and services different from rest of the 5,10,2899 websites. That’s where our role comes in,  we make  your web portal stand out of the box. If your webpage is well reputed and ranked in SERP, then it is more likely to attract potential customers, unlike a not-so reputed page, resulting in much more revenues and profits.

  • Check your online reputation.

Before fixing something you need to find it’s root cause, so start by googling your website and see if your services are being meticulously displayed in search engine results, this will help you analyse your stand among your counterparts, now start searching for the root cause, it may be rumours, bad reviews for genuine unsatisfactory services and so on and so forth

  • Every coin has two faces.

Online reputation management coin, like every other coin has 2 faces, one is callous, and other one is considerate. A toss of this coin, and if the face you choose is callous then no one can save your website from descending in SERPs. The two faces are as follows :-

  1. Callous-

    In context to this one, you will ignore your online reputation and falsehood will start to corrupt your ranking in SERPs, rumours and hearsay will start prevailing your good services. You definitely don’t want that.

  2. Considerate-

    This being the right path, you will need to do all the right things, taking follow ups from your customers, replying to bad reviews and trying to satisfy the customers who aren’t satisfied enough, always pushing good reviews up on your page and, this will take you to top of SERP and will help you gain a good fortune.

We as a website development company based in Gurgaon, help your websites reputation being considerate.


  • For customers, internet is jack of all trades.

According to a research published online, 87% of people rely on reviews while searching for local businesses, another research published showcased that over 92% of reputation vandalized because of mismatch in bumf and actual services offered. Our experienced team will manage your online reputation and will take it to whole new level of class, of which you will feel proud. Give us a chance to lend a helping hand and within days you’ll see your web page ranking topmost in any search engine result page.

  • C.B. ( not science biology).

Online reputation is affected mainly by three facts – 1. Product quality 2. Company Name last but not the least, 3. Brand image, all these factors are interlinked and help you improve your reputation online. When you work with us, your only concern is to proved best product and rest assured we will take care of your Brand image in the online market, if any of these three wheels is disturbed, the axle of online reputation doesn’t go well and revenues get harder to earn, goals get harder to accomplish. That’s we are here with you, day in day out, to manage your reputation among various SERPs.



  • Capture reviews intelligently.

As we mentioned above, more than 87% of people google a local business and go through reviews and then approach the one which best suits their needs. We help you capture and collect genuine positive and organic reviews from your past happy customers and showcase those to your daily in and out online traffic. We keep track of all the positive and negative reviews, mitigate the negative ones, ascend the positive ones, to keep your rank leading in SERPs.

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