Best framework for website development

Technology is upgrading every day because of which you need cover for a lot of skills. And due to rise in internet usage, every business is looking forward to building website. And it is of very important too. Every business wants to grow and now, be it offline business, each business is trying to make online presence by building websites and marketing it online. Web development’s essential part is framework. As the degree of web designing is rising everyday companies are looking for the latest trends always. Hundreds of developers are using frameworks for building a user interactive and prolific website. With technology upgrading everyday here are some trends you need to know.


The basics

The foundation of web development must not be missed at any cost. The best way to start is to get good at Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which develops the content and structure of the website by using markup syntax cascading style sheets (CSS) which is a way for adding different styles to your website.

No matter how many technologies come HTML and CSS will always remain the foundation. CSS is making your website look creative by adding font sizes, layouts and much more. Learn more about website design Jargons.


Languages for programming 


If you beginning to start your career in web development, then you must consider JavaScript. It is easy to understand and as it is essential building block, many front-end frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js and back-end like Node.js needs JavaScript. So, its know how is essential. Also, now more and more advanced features are added as ECMAScript is evolved. These advanced features include atomic operations, shared memory etc. 


Python comes with wide range of use cases. Also, python comes under one of the most asked languages by the top companies. It’s now time that you learn python and add it in your skill set. Django and Flask are different web programming frameworks of Python.


Best Front-end framework


Single page applications comes in the top trends of 2019. Being developed by Google, Angular specialize in building it. Angular is being used by Google, PayPal and Microsoft. You can learn a lot from Angular as is a front-end framework and builds client size applications just fine. Angular now uses Typescript, initially it used JavaScript. Angular can be SEO optimized even though it is not SEO friendly which is an added benefit as every company wants SEO. And when it comes to SEO, we plan targeted SEO Campaigns that drive maximum traffic, leads and sales.


React was developed and sustained by Facebook and is also used by Instagram. Though react does not come under the framework criteria, many developers consider it. React is a front-end Library and was the first one to adopt component-based artwork which Angular and Vue later adopted. Another benefit of React is that it can be used on both server side and client side. React has JSX syntax which is easy to get on with and is much faster.


Vue framework was not adopted by big companies initially and that’s why people resisted in using it but now many companies have started investing in Vue and now it is becoming popular as an individual project. It is one of the most trending JS frameworks! It is justified because it has some great features. You can adopt Vue for one part of your project and still work just fine. All thanks to progressive framework.  Vue can help you build applications that are complete Front-end.


Best Backend framework


Node.js is famous for being extremely fast as it is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine which is fast in code execution. All APIs of Node.js are non-blocking. It never waits for return of data from an API and the server, after calling it a notification, moves to next API, which is why it is super-fast. It is perfect for data intensive network which run across distributed networks. It is used to build scalable network applications. Also, it belongs to open source community which has added more capabilities by producing modules.


Django again uses Python for web development. It is recognized well because it is being used by big companies like Instagram, YouTube and Google. Django is basically a model view template framework. It comes with some cool features like DRY pattern and uses convention instead of configuration. Another excellent feature of Django is that it includes security in its framework which is good. And, when it comes to security, as a website designing company in Gurgaon, security is our foremost concern. So, you don’t have to worry about space, speed or security.


Express is used by many popular companies like Uber, Accenture and IBM and many other companies. Reason for its popularity is Node.js. It is being used in Kraken, Sails, and other frameworks. It has various features like it support full applications and REST API which proves it is flexible. It may not be a good start for beginners because it has no way of doing things particularly. But it is really very fast.


If you are a beginner, you can excel in Rails because it is easy to learn. Rails uses its famous framework Ruby which is popular among developers these days. Rails basically is Model View Controller and is used by Shopify, Hulu, Airbnb. Rails includes a database access library which enables data handling in databases. Another feature of Rails is you can develop Search Engine Friendly URLs easily. 


Laravel, is again one of the famous languages for building websites. Laravel uses PHP framework and is comparatively young among others. Laravel comprises of a toolbox that is well-fabricated, and it allows writing fewer codes which in turn result in error elimination. Laravel is really for you if you are a beginner.

So, this was a list of some best frameworks that you can learn and implement in your web development that can give you good results. And if you have not started yet, its perfect time to start! Also, if you are an experienced web developer this list shall keep you updated.

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