Five ways that cheap website designing can hurt your brand

how cheap website designing can hurt your business


With the advent of internet, sharing of information changed drastically. People began to rely on search engines to reach to their desired information. Due to this, businesses quickly realized that they need to be available to their customers and stakeholders online. It slowly developed into an ecosystem from which no one can really escape now. We have to function in that ecosystem and be available to our customers 24/7 and be prepared for any opportunity.  Everything in this world has a price. Website design is an elaborate skill and requires specialized effort and expertise by a team.  Because of this highly specialized skill, it commands a good price as well. You might want to know whats so special about website designing. Website designing is something that can completely change the game for you. The way the user interacts with your website goes a long way towards marketing and conversion. A good user experience is a subliminal sales trigger. Creating a functional website which aligns with your business objectives is an uphill task and not easy. This is an area that requires a lot of creativity, graphic designing knowledge and all other skills related to design and technology. Website design enables and uplifts the company and organization to improve and attract their customers. For this, it is important that modern businesses focus on website design to improve their brand image. To look in detail about all these things, we must first know the importance and also the need for website design.



Website design is a must because people always prefer only for a pictorial and visual representation of information instead of pages and pages of contents. For this, it is the company’s responsibility to give their best when it comes to website design for their products or services. They must not go with the cheaper alternatives as it may decrease or damage their brand image. It is considered important because it gives the first impression of the company’s product and how they will satisfy the needs of their clients. If it gives a negative impression, then it is a big loss only to the company. Also, good and creative web design will enhance search engine optimization strategy. This method helps the customers to know about the products and contents posted on a website in detail.




customer confidence in website designing

The first major disadvantage of cheap and poor website design is that customer confidence is lost. When customers do not get satisfied with the marketing techniques and strategies then the company might face a big loss. The ratings are given to a particular company or organization also decrease when customers do not find their needs anymore with that particular company. Customers often feel a sense of approval when they visit your website. They might associate a cheap and non functional website with the company’s products and services. Thus cheaper designing indirectly affects the views of the products by the clients and customers. This is not good for a company that wants to reach a wide customer base. Also, a bad word spreads all over the social media for their cheaper and low-quality web design.



marketing failure due to bad website designing

This is another one big drawback of cheap website design. Just putting in a lot of effort into giving a good quality product is not important. The most essential thing is to give a good and satisfying packaging on those products. Most of the people judge the services and delivery of their products to them on the basis of a website / poster / image etc. Most of the companies spend a lot on developing their products and they often ignore website design. They do not realize that this is the most important and crucial area where they must concentrate. Companies even launch huge advertising campaigns without realising that the landing page where the customer land does not have appropriate protocols in place. Often there are no lead forms and correct product / service information that will induce the customer to spend or fill a form. Thus it is imperative that you should have a good website or landing page which can be a launchpad of your marketing efforts.


Where you lack, your competitors will win. If your digital presence is not strong enough, your competitors will capitalize through digital medium. If you are trying to acquire customers online, your website or your landing page is the only element that can distinguish you from your competitors. If your website is cheap and non-functional, your competitors can take a huge market share from you and you can end up loosing to them.



Almost every business today needs to concentrate on digital efforts. As a business you may loose out on all counts if you stop your efforts online. Traditional B2B businesses are also turning toward website agencies for corporate website designing. Back in the day, I used to see no searches for traditional businesses and I would have advised them to not market themselves online, but today google AI can help them match with prospective customers. Any business that takes a step towards digitalization is sure to win in the future. If you have not considered a sharp website design and settled for a cheaper alternative, you are likely to loose out in long run.



business failure due to cheap web design

There will not be a sudden failure or rapid failure in business due to website design. But slowly it is going to have a big impact for the company or organizations in a permanent manner. If the customers and stakeholders are not satisfied with the brand position and brand image, they might leave you leaving your business with rickety legs. On the whole, the company loses its brand name only because of a cheaper website design. In other words, we could say that the website acts as a platform between the company and its customers. When this platform itself is not strong then how can they think of creating a good relationship with their clients and customers?




Often businesses believe that they do not need a great website design and just about anything can do. What they fail to realize is that, a business should always concentrate on what a business needs to be in future and not just what it needs to be now. Even traditional businesses are upgrading themselves. As a website designing company in Delhi, we get call everyday by companies who are just starting out. Its not late yet, you can still win in the game, but you need to start somewhere. When you can replace excel sheets with CRMs and other invoicing softwares, you can surely think of transforming your business with online presence and new digital strategy. So prepare for the future, go for a functional and creative website design that solves your problems and catapults you into a successful organization.


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