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Every website looks different on different web browsers. Be it Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari, every website looks something different in every other web browser. What if your website looks great in Chrome and Mozilla but looks like nothing on the Internet Explorer? If it is the reason your traffic is less on different browsers then we have some tips and tricks for better web development and cross web browser compatibility.

The issue of the cross web browser compatibility is very serious as it questions the job of professional web developers and leads in reduced traffic for websites on different browsers. A website design should look identical on every browser from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome and for checking it if it is same there are a number of websites that are available which will take sample website screenshots of your website to see how it looks on a specific web browser. If the website looks identical then it is well and good and if it doesn’t then you need to approach a professional web development agency.

Cross web browser compatibility may happen because of the development of the website is only done for a specific browser that is the coding languages or scripting used may accept only a specific browser or sometimes it can be the fault of the web browser itself. It should be made sure that the coding done should be in a way that is compatible with all the web browsers.

The major aim is to provide users with the same level of user experience with all the web browsers. For that here are some things that can consider trying for your website-

Testing on a weekly basis

After the development of the website, it should be tested first will all web browsers and that too carefully because one wrong code or script can make it incompatible for a specific browser. One of the famous tools that are used for checking compatibility is LambdaTest.

Latest technologies

It may be the type of coding language the web development company may have used which is outdated or the development tools or the framework may have been running on old technologies. Your website should stay up to date with the latest technologies to ensure cross web browser compatibility.

Coding should be kept simple

The coding of the website should be kept simple. Quality should be preferred over quantity. If 5 lines of coding do the same as a single line of coding then the single line should be preferred. It is during the time of development that anything could wrong and the website may become incompatible to specific browsers.

Discuss with web development companies

If you find your website looking different on other web browsers you should turn to a professional web development company so that they can resolve the problem as soon as they can, delaying the issue will only lose customers and online revenues from your website. A professional company would know how to tackle the issue. They obviously cannot make it look exactly the same but it can still become acceptable for the users.

Using the available tools

There are many useful tools that can be used for the testing and correctly of cross web browser compatibility. Some of them are-

  • CloudTesting
  • Browsera
  • IE Tester
  • BrowserShots
  • Sauce Labs
  • Microsoft Expression Web Superview

These tools can come in handy and are all available easily on the internet for testing purposes.

Checking web languages

Web languages like HTML v1-5 or CSSv1-3 could be the reason your website is made incompatible for a web browser. These web languages should be cross-checked during the time of the development so that the problem never arises ahead.


It is almost impossible to make the website look exactly the same on every browser, but these points can be used to give the user a consistent and friendly experience. Cross web browser compatibility is a serious issue and if you are facing it, be fast to resolve it as it will decrease your speed in the market competition. Keeping your website up to date with the latest trends and technologies and having an interface that is compatible with all the top browsers is something that will ensure you don’t lose any potential customers.

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