factors to be considered while making a website

Follow the USP

You must stick to the world wide accepted and trustworthy USP for website development, i.e. U(user)S(simplicity)P(purpose) user here refers to the traffic that’s going to visit your website, simplicity here is in the context of website, always remember simplicity is preferred over complexity, last but not the least, purpose here is in context of the portal’s aim, the domain name and address should aptly satisfy the purpose like organisation (.org) , academic website (ac.in), e-commerce website (.com) so on and so forth. As a website designing company in Gurgaon, our company and developers stick to this USP of website designing.

Social Validation

This one is understanding basic human behaviour or stimuli to certain things, human being is a social animal, and hence the social validation blocks in your website can take your business or website to new heights, client testimonials are also an excellent way to gain users trust. When users view testimonials from your previous cases, it gives them a sense of reassurance that you are a legitimate operating business.

Make the content accessible

Good and easy navigation is always a win-win situation for the web developers as well as site visitors, as certain search boxes, text menus and internal links tandem easy accessibility for users, making your web-page provide ample information in meagre time, making your website more handy and catchy than ever.

Scarcity always hits up the subconscious mind like other major emotional triggers

“ Grab the awesome pair of hoodies for flat 50% discount… FOR LAST 6 HOURS ONLY” these type of lines create an emotional urgency in user’s subconscious mind and have an effect similar to love, loss, enthusiasm, and all major emotional roller coasters and this will prompt users to willingly avail your services for cheaper price, which are well, available for so less time now.

Nobody loves CLICK-BAIT

Unnecessary click baiting will definitely have an adverse effect on your website’s reputation, no one loves to be fooling around and click links which take them to vibrating devices & screaming screens “Your device has virus” , as a website designing company based in Gurgaon we avoid click-bait as much as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Always subtly try to insert keywords which will catch various search engine’s radars and will list your website as a search result in thousands of search results for a single necessity, giving your website an opportunity to grow it’s empire and automatically giving new wings to your business.

Pair your colours carefully

Red and blue together or red and green together are too hard on your eyes and will create an illusion of colours trying to jump out of user’s screen, we as a website designing company based in Gurgaon always try to encircle our designs around pastel colours and so we advise the same to you, pastel colours are soothing to the eyes and creates a feeling of relaxation and smoothness.

Human mind CANNOT multi-task

If you think that a human mind can multitask, you are on a wrong track of thoughts, human mind can multitask but only sub consciously and that’s only possible if one does the thing again and again upto2000-3000 times until it becomes sub-consciously embedded in our system to multitask with other chores. So do not put your whole content in one page or slide instead keep the content grouped under several different headings and pages, in that way it will be easier for your audience to focus on what you’re trying to present.

Reading things online can cause fatigue

Straining eyes for too long to a paragraph or a summary can create a fatigue to the eyes of audience and hence making the content less interesting. Always break things down into bullet points, shorter paragraphs, and categorise the content, make it more apt and to the point.

Inserting pictures is a good thing

No matter how childish or cliché it’s going to sound but the research has thrown light showing that people tend to attract to and read the content which have pictures relevant to it instead of it’s counterpart without pictures.

Make shorter lines

Although product descriptions and other content’s optimal reading length is 100 characters per line but people prefer reading 40-70 characters at a time in given line.

Use soothing font for your content.

You should always keep in mind the type and size of font of your website’s content. The font should not be too bold or too cursive/curvy or camouflaged in the background colour, this makes reading a pain, which can be a reason people degrade your website.

It should be jack of all trades

Don’t worry being a jack here automatically means your website will be a king, in other words your website should be both PC and Mobile friendly, your website must be compatible with multiple browsers from Chrome to Safari to Firefox to Internet Explorer to U.C. Browser ( mobile application ) and many others , this way the website will become trustworthy, handy and less complicated to your users

Integrate your website with Social Media

More than 78.40% of the traffic on all major websites are active on some or the other social media platform, so social media is a golden platform for you to interact with your audience and influence their minds the most.

Keep the website secure.

If your website handles any kind of transaction, then you should really keep the user’s information discreet from the hackers and frauds, to combat this consider a SSL or BBB certificate.

Remain above the fold

Above the fold is an imaginary line, that indicates the bottom of your visitor’s screen. As a website designing company in Gurgaon we try to showcase our best content before the visitor scroll down to read further, it’s a small but effective psychological trick. Your headers and short paragraphs should express ample amount of your content and services aptly, making it short and sweet for the user.

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