The Benefits of Custom Web Design Vs Using Common Templates

Template-Based Website

For template-based websites you can find a lot of online companies offering templates for setting up your WordPress site. With a wide range of website templates available online, you can buy the one which suits your business best.

With templates your website can be built very fast and with minimum cost but with themes and templates not all of them are 100% responsive. Though they can get you a website quite easily, but their limitations are more than their benefits. Lack of customization, lack of SEO performance, loading speed and many more are the shortcomings of template-based website. With every update in the WordPress, you may face display issues. However, a web development company can fix it but due to code format the company may face problems in it too.

Custom Built Websites

Custom build websites are good for your business in long-term. Though it may be a little overwhelming in the beginning, due to the whole process, you can expect it all to pay off in the near future. You get your website building process from the scratch, it requires a whole team of designers and developers and from home page to landing page all work is done. The main benefit of custom build websites states in the name itself- custom. Customization is in your hand unlike with template-based websites. You can shape the website as per your needs and your customer’s needs.

While you may face some problems in the template-based website with the SEO, during the site creation in custom web development, the web development company can optimize the site for search engines like google for relevant search results and better ranking. SEO plays a vital role in organic traffic which is the most crucial and authentic traffic.

While template-based websites are not unique and customized as per the business, custom websites are unique and customized as per the business. You can also make changes any time you want as the website is built from the scratch, it saves a lot of time too. Another added benefit of custom website is that it is responsive on all sorts of devise be it laptops, phones, phablets, tablets, etc. and across all browsers.

Pros of Custom-Built Website

  • The best feature of custom website is that you can build it the way you like and have a complete control over its functionality and navigation. The website will look the way you want and will be unique.
  • Custom website is flexible with the needs of your company and customers. You can edit, add or change any content you want with minimum efforts.
  • The site is responsive across all devices and browsers and is Search engine friendly.

Cons of Custom-built Website

  • A customized website is way more expensive than a template-based website.
  • The process to create a custom site is time consuming and takes longer time than a template site.

Pros of Template Websites

Template-based website is not a bad option in some cases such as when the project is simple, small scale advertising business, etc.

If your budget of building a website is low, template sites can be the ultimate choice of yours

Custom sites cost more because it takes a whole team of web development company for building a website while with template-based websites, you get a website coding in the place. The web developer will only need to work with the customization of the template as per your business and adding the content, which is comparatively less expensive.

Template sites are fast to implement than custom websites

Implementation of the template site is very fast if the content is ready. In just some weeks, you can get your website done. The fast implementation is only because there is not much coding required.

Templates are getting sophisticated touch

Templates available these days are becoming more sophisticated and scope of some scope customization available. The templates are designed well too.

Cons of template-based website

Your site may not look unique

Easy availability of templates has made the work easy but these templates may be used by multiple businesses of different domain or same. This makes your website same as the best templates are downloaded by many businesses. You can still use your creativity for making a difference, but still themes may look just the same.

Limited graphics design and navigation capability in your website

Though customization is possible in templates up to an extent, but graphics and proper navigation can still be a big problem. Functionality issues can also occur like you may not be able to have the functionality you want in your website.

Limited functionality in template sites

With e-commerce sites, you may face difficulties in customization. And with e-commerce sites, customization is what makes website unique and attractive.

Security issues

People who are looking for sites with vulnerabilities and loose ends, find template-based websites easy because hacking becomes easier. With plugins you may add some functionalities for security, but if you do not keep on updating your site with every WordPress update, you may end up losing the hold of your website. And the problem still continues as with the update your website may behave differently.

  • Some templates are not search engine friendly. You need to customize the website to fit to your business.
  • as templates run on a structured system any custom or added technologies cannot be installed
  • Template sites do not have as good of a support system as a custom-built site.

Template-based as well as custom websites have some pros and cons but if we look at the long-term results, custom build website is more likely to generate leads and is more secure.

Why you should go for custom-based website development?

  • With custom websites, for graphics and functionality, sky is the limit.
  • Custom-built sites are highly flexible and keeps on growing with your business.
  • Custom-built sites can be easily updated as WordPress is updated.
  • Search engine optimization is your asset in custom-built sites.
  • Custom-built sites are necessary for e-commerce due to its diverse functions and navigation.
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