How To Make Your Ecommerce Development A Success?

With the discovery of Internet and Websites our lives changed drastically. Internet has helped to create an alternate reality where the population rose rapidly. Basically we all use Internet daily and at a very high rate. Internet connection is no more a matter of luxury it has become a necessity and is used from big business houses to small scale entrepreneurs. We are basically spending most of our time of a day on the Internet world and go through hundreds of websites per day. We use websites for every kind of purpose like shopping, foods, any kind of facts etc. It is very basic that where there are people there is Commerce. Thus this electronic population helped in the creation of a virtual commercial network and setup called E-Commerce. And to be honest nowadays E-Commerce is much more profitable and popular than offline real world commerce. Why would I move and go to shops to buy products, when I can just with a few clicks get that service without any effort that too at great cheap rates? There are much more varieties and additional facilities in the E-Commerce. Not only that every big company nowadays must have an electronic portal or website in order to survive in this age of technology.

So, it is quite obvious that you are bound to create a website in order to step and survive in this world of E-Commerce, and you need to design your website efficiently and properly in order to attract huge number of customers.

Thus, not only you need a website, your website should be very efficient and popular in order to capture customers, and convert site-visitors into consumers.

So, it is quite evident that website plays a huge role in this E-Commerce, so now the question that strikes is that what are the most important features that one should have in their website in order to stand out against other competitors in this world of E-Commerce?

So, for this purpose there are some very important but basic Dos and DON’Ts that you need to follow in order to stand out among other competitors and make users choose you.

So, let’s take a look at the points.



Proper planning is important in any step of life, the same remains in case of E-Commerce also. A proper planning is extremely essential; it must cover up all issues properly. Proper planning helps you to move towards a direction in an organized way and help you to achieve your goal much faster and prevents from creating mess and over-come hurdles. Thus proper planning helps to make your future path easier and smoother.


I really hate the big registrations of some sites it really lowers the enthusiasm and interest on the site. It really makes me feel tired and frustrated, but I really like spending times on pages where the registration is short. Thus having long and messy registration system can frustrate and irritate the users and customers and thus can increase the bounce rate of the site. Whereas short and smooth registration can make users feel satisfied and thus convert visitors into consumers. Thus having short and smooth registration is very important for development of an E-Commerce.


All of us are fond of security and feel safe if get that. Thus in order to make your users feel safe and secure and thus attracting them towards your site again and again. Having good security is highly required in order to build a Consumer-Vendor relationship and trust. In order to gain trust of your users you must have a secure Interface in your site. Thus having a properly secure interface is highly important.


Well this is something undeniable. You need to know your competitors very well in order to beat them and rise above all. You need to analyze your competitors properly in order to know their strengths their weaknesses in order to plan effective strategies to stand out among all others. Thus this step is extremely important in order to survive in E-Commerce.


Properly functioning cart facility also affects the users in a great way. Having highly functional cart like one that enables to increase number of some products and show the prices and extra charges if required in a detailed way, attracts and satisfies the users greatly and thus helps you thrive towards success.



This is something that can irritate the users very easily and increase bounce rate. A functional and efficient search function is most important ion a website. When the search bar is ineffective then how can I choose or search the service I want? Thus a proper functional search function will help you attract more and more customers and not having one will surely have adverse effects.


Well I check the details of a product before buying it, because that way it helps me to get a basic idea of the product and helps me decide whether it is my best choice or not thus removes the doubts. But in case there aren’t proper sufficient details I really feel unsafe and confused whether to buy that thing or not. Proper sufficient details of the product must be provided in order to clear doubts and help in the decision making of the users. It is something highly essential in the present scenario of E-Commerce.


Navigation has a huge effect on the users of a website thus can affect the experience of the users greatly. Having a perfectly functional and effective navigation system is also necessary in order to outstand in the field of E-Commerce. Poor navigation can be really troublesome to the users and thus increase the bounce rates. Thus a functional and efficient navigation can bring out real success in your E-Commerce.


This is something every customer fear “HIDDEN COST”. It is something really bad and wrong. It will definitely bring out losses for you. You must show detailed prices and costs to the consumers before providing them the service and it should cover all the expenses, not even a single extra penny should be charged than the value shown to the consumers. It is something extremely important in order to hold consumers to your site.


This part really causes trouble sometime, long and highly complicated checkout forms and processes can really cause mess for the users, whereas short and smooth checkout processes can satisfy the users and bring out much more success. So, this is another essential factor you must follow.

These were the steps you must follow in order to make your E-Commerce development a big success and cause great profits to your website. So focus on these points once before designing your E-Commerce website.

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