Web Design For Startups – Learn Why You Need A Website

Technology, when we hear it we picture the present situation we live in but only a few years back, people would have pictured some slow working computers some outdated cellphones and some extremely outdated tech stuffs that are no longer used nowadays. Technology has no doubt developed quite drastically in the last few years and is still developing at an extremely rapid rate.

This age we live in is no doubt the era of “Information Technology”. We basically live in a world of machinery and technology nowadays. In this highly developed tech world all individuals are highly updated with the latest technological advancements. From small children to adults to old generation everyone nowadays knows to use the latest advancements of technology and have adapted it quite impressively. An individual is completely doomed in the present scenario if one doesn’t know how to use the technological stuffs. And one who can accept and adapt the latest tech, for them tech will be like a blessing that can do real miracles that were really impossible a few years back. And the technology has always been proving its extreme capabilities quite evidently.

Nowadays even in the schools the kids are taught about the tech stuffs and how to use it properly and effectively, and it is a compulsory nowadays. If you get detached with the updates you will soon start facing problems in this completely tech oriented world. It was a complete miracle and people were quite mesmerized and have already adapted then came the superhero called “INTERNET”. I can still remember a time when we used to write a letter and it took days just to reach the destination even within a state and just don’t think about international letters. But now, now just a click and you will be able to send an e-mail to any corner of the world just within fraction of seconds. 2G, 3G, 4G the speed has been increasing and is still developing.

Internet just opened a parallel virtual world for all of us and we accepted and used it quite nicely, and are still using it at a great rate. No one buys CDs nowadays everything is present online. Want to buy something but not getting it at any stores or some international product, not a big deal just some online store and you will get it and that too with a discount delivered at your doorstep. But do you buy it from Internet directly? Do you even use the internet directly? Do you do any of this stuff using Internet? No, internet just creates the network the actual building block of this virtual world is “WEBSITES”.

You would definitely agree that all the work that you do using Internet is definitely through any of the Websites. And how would you expect a virtual world without any trade or commerce? Thus E-Commerce came into existence, from big businessmen, to companies, to even smaller entrepreneurs, each one of them definitely has nowadays a Website. You could find billions of website just for a singly topic. So, it is quite evident that there exists a huge number of websites for various purposes, then why do exactly one need a website for a startup or business, and even if one creates it what are its essential components. Well it is a huge topic but in order to explain it in few words we would hover on some points in order to figure out the role of websites in startups and what basically are its added advantages. And what are the important things to look after. So, let’s proceed.



Well to be quite honest one customer definitely a website for your startup and will look for it. So, it will be a step forward to the customer satisfaction as it is a very common thing to search for. So make yourself worthy. It also exhibits your updated and trendy behavior and will add up to the ease of the customers.


]Profit is of course the general thing to look for, and definitely it will provide you’re a huge amount of additional bucks than offline business. As most of the customers are mobile or PC or device oriented, nowadays people like to do everything online and it is much easy thus it will definitely add up hugely top the profit of your business and will give a huge boost to your business and will extremely increase your activity.


It is a very cost- efficient method. It is not very costly and worth the cost it takes. Just by a small investment you will earn excessive bucks than just that boring outdated offline trade. Thus it is not very costly that you will need to be scared about your budget.


Popularity matters a lot in business the more you are popular the more will your business be flourished, so in order to make your startup reach more and more people you need to open a website. As a person spends a lot of time on website it is a golden opportunity to reach more people through it and thus boost up you startup and strive to success.


Honestly you can never be the only one out there, there are many like you and thus there will be a huge competition but you will need to beat them rise above all, how? A website, just a website adds a lot to your startup to rise among all others not having websites or having poor websites. Thus in order to survive and rise in the excessive competition out there, creating an efficient website is highly and excessively important.


Well, now we know that why it is needed, and of-course now you will create one but what are the things you should focus on or what are the prime elements?

Let’s see

1. UI

Well, it is quite impossible to describe this extreme and most important element of a website just with a few words. It is actually the components that will decide how many users will visit you website, how much will they like it, for how long will they stay there, whether they will come back or not, everything. It basically refers User Interface, thus it decides the experience of the User, so it is quite obvious that they will remember and cherish a good experience whereas will get irritated and frustrated with a bad experience, and thus it decides your bounce rate effectively too. Thus in short it will affect the overall user activity of your website. So, in order to achieve success you definitely will need a unique and extremely well UI.


Management is of course one of the most important quality in any human being so as in websites. A properly managed and organized website will always be preferred by the users over other poorly managed websites. Management of website is a huge thing to look about, thus you will need some team or you will have to look after it yourself if it is quite small. It is very important to maintain and manage your website properly to be consistently appreciable to your customers thus it will help you to add up some more customers and maintain your image.


We don’t like inefficiency at any field, just the same in case of websites. They must be efficient then only people will be satisfied and turn into your customers and stick to your site. Being efficient is highly important and somehow decides a lot about the reputation and future of your startup. So, it is something to look after very carefully and properly in order to be the best out there.


Making a website responsive is extremely needed in the present scenario due to the excess diversity in the devices in use. Responsive website will help you to exhibit your website on any kind of device and adjust itself to any site. Thus. It provides some added benefits, it can reach any user using any device and thus making you quite visible and prominent to a larger mass.


Basically all of the people who have access to internet has accounts on any one of the Social Medias and are quite active on those, thus making yourself visible out there will obviously add up a huge mass of people to your website and thus boost your startup to a well-developed business. So, making yourself present in Social Media and linking your website to Social Medias is of course an extremely important step as it deals with an abundant amount of users.

6. SEO

Well Search Engine Optimization is quite a thing to maintain in order to attract your customers again and again to your site and most importantly making them satisfied. SEO deals great roles and thus it is something non-deniable.


A website can never exist without a proper web-design. Basically the whole purpose of website depends on the web-design. The design must be friendly, well-organized, neat, and very much comfortable. If the web-design is properly satisfying it will definitely decide the fortune of the website. It also depends on the web-designing tools. It is a very large section of a website creation thus it is not easy to explain in such brief. But basically it is the creator of the website so; of course it is highly important.


It is not something new. It is just a common human nature we get attracted towards beautiful thing thus the appearance of your website will definitely matter in fields of E-Commerce. Forget the other thing the first thing that people see is the visual appearance and if it is attractive definitely it will cover up a huge part in sticking that user to your website and moreover attracting more and more people to your website.

Thus, it is quite clear that a website is must and the things you need are the things that are stated above so, don’t waste time and take the step. Website will make your start-up a well-developed business with a big boost. So, without any doubt open the element of fortune that is WEBSITE.

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