What is the cost of a good website design services?

Before answering the above question, let me ask you something. What will be the cost of a good car? What will be your answer? Obviously, you can’t answer it unless I tell you my requirements or expectations from the car. How much I have to pay for it depends upon what I require. Suppose I live in a small town where roads are not that good, then obviously Maruti can be a better option than Audi. If I need a car for my joint family then a Scorpio can solve my purpose. So, now you can say that if I take a Maruti WagonR, the cost will be around 4lakhs but if I go for a Scorpio, it will cost me around 14lakhs. Hope I am able to explain my point by this example and now I can answer the question pretty clearly that the cost of a website depends upon the requirements of a client and the way he/she chooses to design it. Don’t stress I will explain it in detail.

As per your requirements the cost of a website designing can vary from cheap to very expensive. So, the main objective is to know where to look for it.

To determine the cost of a website, you should be clear with the basic requirements of the website, like the theme you want, the colours you want, the number of pages you need, the features you require, the payment methods you need, the purpose behind the website, will it require complex graphic designing and many more.

Once you are clear with your requirements then there are 2 ways by which you can design your website. The first one is to get in touch with a good website designer or a website design service provider and the second one is to DO IT YOURSELF.

If you want to consult a professional website designer then you need to discuss your expectations with him/her or the firm and they will calculate the costs depending upon the expenditures, time required and other technical requirements and let you know the total cost which can vary from $500 to create a small personal website to $6000 for creating a website with more complexity and designs. It can cost you a lot more depending upon the fee of the designer. There are some designers who charges around $2000 for the time it takes before they produce the first page. It can become really expensive.

The second method is to design the website yourself. But how can you do that? There are two ways to do it. The first one is, using your programming skills and the second one by using a website builder like Wix.  But if you are already a programmer then probably you don’t need this article. So, lets talk about the easier one and that’s the second method. Yes, you can easily design a website online by using these website builders. They provide you with lots of options to choose from. You can choose your favourite design and customise your website according to your needs. You can even add extra features like payments, etc. using the advanced services that they provide by just charging some extra money. They even help you to get a domain and launch your website online. There are service providers who provide you web hosting and all in very low cost and enable your website go online by just charging a nominal cost.

I am including the list of some of the best website builder service providers:

  • WIX
  • COM

The below table will help you get an idea about the cost required for the website designing.

CONTENT $500 $0
OTHERS $50 $50


**(The table is for reference only .It is just to give an idea about the cost, prices can vary in reality )

Now I think you have got the idea about the cost of designing a website. But one question may come in your mind that if designing a website on your own is so easy and cheap then why people look for website designers and pay huge bulk of money?

I think I can answer this by putting few questions before you,

Why people go to Nescafe coffee shops and pay $4 for a coffee, rather they can make it at their home for $0.4.

Why people buy an iphone for $1000 when they can get a smartphone for as low as $70.

People spend money because money gives them the quality. Money provides you with best of the features. In the same way when you spend money on a website designer, he/she uses all his/her technical knowledge, designing skills to offer you a website with added features, customer understanding and security which might become a difficult task for you because you may not have that level of expertise in that field.

One more important thing that determines the cost of a website is it’s built quality. What looks good may not cost more. Yes, you can easily design a nice-looking website yourself by choosing beautiful themes but that website might not be fully secured.

So, basically what actually determines the cost of a website is not how it looks but its built quality, its internal structure.

“It’s not the body, it’s the soul that determines the cost of a website.”

So, at last I will suggest you to design a website on your own only if you need a simple website. But if you want to use your website for a big Ecommerce business then you must consult an expert designer to get the best out of your website and provide cent percent security to your clients.

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