Understanding Learnability for Web Design: Tips and Best Practices


Understanding Learnability for Web Design: Tips and Best Practices

Nowadays, we are all well acquainted with the term Internet. Internet has become just like a big shopping complex and the websites are its products from local to brand every kind of product or all kind of websites are available. Also picking website has become just like picking up product. You buy the product you like; just like that you select the website you like.

Whether you want to know something, or buy something; whether you want to play something, or watch movie you just visit a website that provides you with your required service. Thus it is very obvious that people live in this world of website, so this is the place you need to learn about to earn profit and success in today’s world. But the thing that really matters is whether the people are comfortable with your website or not. The quality comes second first comes comfort. If your interface is very hard to use, people will automatically bounce off to another website for fulfilling their needs. In terms of web designing such a website which a user gets easily adapted with is termed as a learnable Website.

It is very tough job to create a learnable interface for a website, but it is in fact very important. A learnable Web-Design really helps you out-stand other competitors.

Importance Of A Learnable Web Design

Learnability really does matter a lot. Basically think like a user, what kind of website do you prefer, the first priority that pops in your head is that is easy to use and understandable. There is one big rule that works in this world “People love things they understand, and hate things they don’t understand” so in order to make your website more acceptable make it more understandable or learnable. You basically learn easy things fast, so the main motto of this learnability stuff is that making an interface that the users will easily learn to use, without any kind of condition, it is seen that people love to come back to websites they are comfortable with.

For example let’s start with Amazon; we know that amazon is one of the leading online trading companies. Now we see that there are a huge amount of items available in Amazon. Do you ever wonder what makes Amazon such a famous site then in spite of having so many items? There are a huge number of items, then what really makes the people come to it again and again and how come the site is not a total mess? The simple answer is that the website is highly learnable. Once you visit Amazon, even if you are new to the site you will be able to use the website with ease, so this the thing that makes it such famous and makes it better than its competitors. They of course develop their UI and design but in such a way that no complications arise in the use of the website. It is very easy to find the product you need. So, this is the thing we are talking about, the thing you need to look after. Make stuffs learnable

So, now it is quite clear that “LEARNABILITY” do matter a lot.

Principle Elements Of A Learnable Website

Now, we are quite known about a learnable web-design. Now what are the things that help us build an interface that really makes it learnable? That is, basically what are the principle elements of a learnable website? Let’s hover over the points.


Be consistent, when you understand a thing once you are able to use it again and again, why? The reason behind is that the thing is same. So, in the scenario of web-design this role is played by consistency. Consistency helps in a huge way in making your interface learnable. Of course innovation matters but never ever mess with stuffs that are always the same like the navigation tools, the cursor bar, etc. Never make a mess with the stuffs that are most important, because they must be easy to find and must be in their familiar places, because once you mess with this familiarity, people will start facing a feeling of alienation in your website. Thus there are certain things that create your image or that build your image, so never ever change them or you destroy your image. Like the symbol of drop box, the drop box has evolved through years but the sign of the drop box is still the same because people are familiar with that symbol and changing that symbol can really loose the familiarity of people thus turning it into a liability. Thus, familiarity is something that matters a lot in these fields, and the thing that builds up familiarity is consistency. If you are consistent with some key elements and change the other elements with your innovation, then your website may achieve a great deal of success.


In many articles you may have heard of micro interactions. What basically is its use? Now for instance suppose, when you solve a problem you check for its solution from books even after solving it, why? For checking whether it is correct or not, for assurance. Well this is what basically micro interactions contribute to. They basically work as assurance for the users to make them understand what they are doing is correct or not. For example in many sites you can see when you enter a required field a green tick sign appears on the side if it is filled properly and a red cross appears on the side if it’s wrong and you can’t proceed to the next step without completing the step successfully, sometimes even the reason of the red cross is written, the problem is written. So, by this micro interactions people understand quickly what they are doing is right or not and this boosts their learning process. This basically enhances the learnability of your website in a great way. Not only this micro interaction can also be used to show the users what will happen if they click a button or choose an option. For example in Facebook the like button interacts in a short way you understand what will happen if you click it even if you are using it first time. Thus this makes the user much more comfortable to use your website even if they are visiting it first time. So, basically micro-interactions contribute to learnability of the site in a huge way and moreover it adds up to other important facilities like better UI, visual hierarchy, etc. Thus this component is often overlooked but is an extremely important element of a web-design and contributes hugely to the success.


It’s without a doubt is true that people nowadays run after trends. They are all trendy. Pick up the trend and you will become successful. Always be updated about what the recent trends are and apply them in order to attract more and more people because people like trends. Like use ReactJS for message became a trend after messenger used it thus, it is obvious that people follow the trend and the things that do not run with trend will become backdated thus always keep a flow with the trend to increase the learnability. It also decreases your lots of work. People learn thing in trend in an extremely high speed thus they will be completely smooth with your interface if you re with the trend. And if you are confident enough about your process then create your own trends and be the trend maker and if your innovations turn to be trendy then don’t mess with that. Thus always follow the conventions and take inspirations from big UIs and websites but don’t copy. Build your own identity but learn the main elements. Because after all website is the medium through which the customer builds a relation with your organization.

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