Top 6 Trends Followed by the E-Commerce Website Design Company


With the evolving trends in the online shopping, the website designers too are coming up with new trends to fight the competition and survive in the dynamic environment.  Below is the list of top trends followed by e-commerce website designers-

1. White Space here, white space there

Online shoppers are the ones who most often do not consider the brick and mortar stores, reason? They are the busiest people on the earth. They want to save their time and get some exiting deals at the same time too. The reason why the online shopping websites keep on evolving is because of the competition. The competition has various parameters if we talk about the website of the store, such as the layout, navigation, search option and much more. These parameters decides whether the customer would stay or not. The most important technology that is very important is the white space technology. White space has many benefits like you can highlight any product that you particularly want your customers to see, to divert their attention to what you want them to buy.  This is why white space technology is largely followed by the e-commerce web site designers and it makes your website look sophisticated and good too.

2.  Chatbots and Machine Learning

Unlike today, chatbots were not considered by the buyer, it was being considered unnatural. Thanks to AI and machine learning development, chatbots have become a trend in almost all sites and majorly considered by the website designing company. It has become a key aspect of communication between the buyer and seller. Chatbots are easy to manage and saves a lot of time of both the parties. It provides relevant information to the buyers and promising prospects to the sales team. Chatbots encourage interaction which helps buyer with the queries. This helps in building brand image and satisfies customers while on the site.

Another top trend followed by e-commerce websites is ‘dynamic search’. The users will not look up all the way through your website to find what they are looking for, and it becomes very difficult if your website is large with many landing pages. This is when the dynamic search helps the users. With dynamic search, the users can directly search and look up for what they have come for. This becomes extremely important for the sites with large number of products and inventory. It helps in categorization of the products for easy search. While dynamic search was already a part of big e-commerce websites, now small e-commerce sites are also designed with the dynamic search for better user experience for the customers.

3.  Hamburger Menu

While it has been renamed with various names like option button, the hotdog, side menu, the sandwich, etc. by the website designers, the functions performed by it is the same. These menus are made up of parallel line icons. Usually you can find them placed at the top left or right part of any web page. A different menu comes when a user clicks on that icon, which allows the user to navigate the website.

With icons come the minimalist buttons trend. Minimum buttons are highly effective and action-oriented. They are highly effective as they work like calls to action and hence provide an excellent browsing experience to the audience. The best part about it is its integration with web pages which provides best user experience to the visitors by astounding actions.

4.    Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is in trend and is nowhere to go any soon. Automated marketing can help you with various ways like sending tailored emails to customers, cross selling goods, promote and display products as per the buying history of the customers. Not only this, but automation lets you customize offerings for each customer. It also covers areas like landing pages and shopping carts. It totally works on what the customer click during the visit.

Cart abandonment is the issue faced by many e-commerce entrepreneurs and they claim that they face huge losses because of it. There can be many reasons for cart abandonment, one of which can be failure of payment gateway due to huge traffic. So, post payment strategy came into existence. Post payment allows a customer to pay for the product later or only after they receive product. Post payment not only builds trust but also gives the customers who are not confident of the product’s quality, a reason to stay. So, this is yet another trend followed by the e-commerce website design company for the cart abandonment issues.

5.    Product Visualization by Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is in trend because it is really mind blowing. When Apple introduced AR kit for iOS, google launched AR Core for android. The Augmented Reality trends for product visualization will rise in the coming years, people would prefer AR enabled devices over the other ones. What AR really does is that it visualizes the products from the camera and place it anywhere you want. Now you can actually see how that new couch looks in your living rooms through your camera. E-commerce designing companies are also providing these services to the ones who need it.

6.    Engage Customers, build communication and Enhance CRM

CRM means customer relationship management. Sometimes engagement with customers becomes difficult due to lack of communication channels, so a satisfying CRM implementation becomes necessary. For better CRM, you need information of customers. What are their expectations, needs from the product? Do you communicate with your customers? How often? What is the means of communication? Do you actively use emails? Through the customer’s information, you can build trust by using proper channel of communication. CRM is all about solving the problems faced by the customers and providing them solutions, so e-commerce development companies also provide CRM solutions. Engagement is the crucial aspect as it is what leads to the conversion. So how do you gather information about customers? SMS, Facebook messenger, on-site chat, Emails, order statuses and much more.

Another important trend website design company always keeps in mind is the mobile commerce. It’s been a long time now that people are using mobile phones over the desktops, so, if your website is not ready for mobile transactions, call your website designing company now. Responsive design is not just a need it has become necessity now. Online retailers confirm that each year mobile transactions are increasing more and more. And they will continue to rise.

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