What Are the Common Myths About Website Design?


Are you planning to get your business online? You must have heard a lot of things about website designing, some thoughts must have been scary. So, here are some common myths about website designing you must know. Read further-

1.Everyone Can Design a Website

This is one of the most common misconception among people. As there is a widespread use of WordPress, things have become easier as it is a good alternative option for website development. That’s why people think anyone can do it but the truth is nobody but a professional can design a website. One should have the skills and ideas and with hard work a website is designed. With WordPress you cannot have a specialized website it will be a generic one.

If you want to build a professional website from scratch, you will need a professional in that area. Creating responsive sites which is unavoidable in today’s time, needs coding skills for repositioning and resizing all the pages to fit in the size of the screen. A good website designer knows latest trends, ideas and can provide you with added services like SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (search Engine Optimization), Hosting needs, payment gateway and much more. Every button on website needs hours of coding whereas graphics needs intensive research from scratch. Work does not get finished when a website is designed, it needs maintenance which can only be done by professionals.

2. Designer will Respond Immediately to Each and Every Request of mine

It is true that clients are putting in their money and want each and every detail and also want their questions answered at any time and requests processed when asked. But is also true that the designers need time to create something extraordinary. If you force things with the designers, they may not be able to give their best. Every designer works differently, and company may have different people for different tasks, so they need time. And you shouldn’t be ignorant about the work timings too. you must not expect to get the reply of your 7 am email right away. Come up in terms with your website designing company about the issue resolving time and requests. This will create a healthy relationship with your company.

3. Applications and design Responsiveness Is the Same

Responsiveness is the ability of a website that it can be adjusted beautifully in any device or platform while applications are created for mobile devices and tablets. It is mistaken many times but there is no such relation. Responsive design is used for mobiles, tablets and phablets but it has nothing to do with mobile applications. Mobile applications are specifically designed for mobiles, takes up place in storage. Whereas responsiveness is a part of website designing.

4. Once the Site Is Completed, the Job Is Done

Web is dynamic which means it keeps on changing and websites should also be changed accordingly by updating them with latest trends and needs of the customers. Web design is not a simple process and can have problems anytime. It may be due to search engine algorithm; your website will change many times which is good for the sake of SEO. websites also needs maintenance from time to time to make sure they work fine. As website designers in gurgaon we know that a website is never finished, new functions and upgrades come everyday.

Maintenance may include checking of broken links, functionality or user experience and even bug fixes. SEO also needs content updating. Websites which are up to date also stays on top of SERP. Look at your website as a living thing which needs constant care and management.

5. Web Design Shouldn’t Cost So Much

This is yet another misconception that web design is cheap. To start with, professional and good-looking websites needs a lot of hard work and talent. If you think that a beautiful looking website can be easily created, then the case is exactly opposite. A good looking, user friendly and rich content based website is the result of the extreme hard work of the designer/developer. Website is not only about the content and good design but also about the security, domain, which reflects and defines your company, graphics, rich content, SEO optimization, analytics and much much more. Website designing is like an investment. Always remember you will only get what you pay for.

6. DESIGN IS the only important element

It is true that a good looking websites generates more traffic than an average looking website but only good design will not help you with your customers. It takes more than a design to create a winning website. Website creation is not only about the existing customers, it is also about getting new customers, visitors to your website and if with only design it would be possible, then we wouldn’t see people pursuing career in development field. There are a lot of things that customers and visitors consider which includes good navigation, enhanced user experience, responsiveness, portfolio, content, credibility, security and so on. If users are not able to find what they were looking for, they will leave and never come back and then the design would be of no use. Good looking website with poor user experience is yet another point which proves that just design is not important. People should be able to find you to look at your design, for that you will need SEO. SEO is an art which ensures steady new traffic to your website. There are many other points too.

These were some important myths that are common among companies who are looking forward to giving their business an online presence. Hope they cleared your doubts and are not myths anymore.

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