How To Choose A Good Color Scheme For Your Website

How to stand out in this crowded world of internet? This is the world of 21st century. There have been a lot of changes in the last few decades, and now we are living in the era of information technology. Those who can adapt themselves in this situation and learn to use it will thrive to success without any barrier. There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier, but it also put up some new barriers to overcome and once you learn about it and make proper steps to be taken there is no one to stop you and you will be able to take full help of the technology for your achievements. But you are not the only one aware about this tech world, there are several other businessmen, companies and organizations competing to beat one another and out stand other competitors. So what can you do to stand out of this crowd keeping your competitors below you?

The answer is simple an extremely beautiful website with the best possible UI, so as to attract the customers.

Now we all know about nice UI, Visual Hierarchy, Typography and stuffs, but we overlook an extremely important part and element of an excellent and unique website that is COLOR SCHEME. Every company and website needs a proper color scheme for their website.

For example suppose Coca Cola, it is an extremely successful company. Now when someone says you the word Coca Cola, instantly a cool red circle with Coca Cola written on it pops in your head, it is very common. The red color of the brand Coca Cola is not an accidental selection. It was very carefully planned. There were basically two reasons behind it, red color promotes their mottos i.e. firstly, boldness and beautiful relations by triggering emotions and secondly the bold and bright, eye-catching red color helps it to stand out among its other competitors.

So, the color is intentionally selected that’s why the color red will definitely pop in your mind if you listen the word Coca Cola. So, this is the effect of just a color.

So, now it is quite clear that color plays a prime role in the identity creation of a brand or a company. So, you must plan well for creating a perfect color scheme for your website to overcome other competitors.

So, basically there are few things that must be properly considered and maintained while selecting a color scheme to achieve great results.


Well, this is a very important part choose the dominant color. This color will define your brand and promote your ideas and mottos to people by triggering emotions and feelings through visual means. So, this must be selected bit carefully because once chosen this can’t and shouldn’t be changed because this slowly builds your identity. Well, your ideas and the mottos of your company must also be considered properly. People will mostly see this color while they visit your website, thus be careful while selecting and this must be done very creatively and cleverly.


Name a single successful website where there is only one color. Probably there is none, because it is quite boring if only one color is used. Always remember, people love beautiful things and they first see the appearance then everything else. So in order to boost your website’s appearance and make it attractive choosing good complimentary or other colors to create a proper color scheme is very important. As, there can’t be only one color of a website, you choose a dominant color and based on it you need to select secondary tertiary and like these other colors and use them properly and mixing them properly and arranging and assigning them to their proper places you can create an unbeatable website that will with great ease catch the user’s eyes. Thus it is very important to choose the other colors on the basis of the dominant color to create a proper and attractive color scheme.


Now, the base needs to be strong, and the background of a website serves the same purpose. The background must be proper, highly specific and well defining. Like, for example if you need to highlight the elements of your websites highly then you can use white as background color, or to create a filled up look and feeling you can use black, similarly for different purposes you can use different colors as background colors. You must also take the dominant and complimentary colors under consideration before selecting the background color. Well the background color also plays an extremely important role in the visual hierarchy of the website. And just as the base of any construction must be strong, just like that the background must be properly designed and must give a complete feeling because it is the component that holds the overall website together. So, be very clear and definite while selecting the background color for your website.


All the space does not need to be colored compulsorily. And even if it is, you need to place the colors in proper place in order to build a proper color scheme for a successful website. The proper placement of colors is also a prime issue that must be focused on. So, you need to place proper colors in proper places and arrange them properly and beautifully to give a complete and wholesome look. Otherwise if it is messy then people will bounce off to other sites thus, this must be looked after properly. The dominant colors and the other colors along with the other elements must be organized so as to give a beautiful catchy view to the user.


We now come to another very important element of a website. Graphic elements play an important role if used creatively and properly. Graphic elements can play a huge role in attracting mass people to your website because a single graphic element boosts the attractiveness and appearance of a website 10 times. So, in order to get a complete and perfect website, visual graphic elements are extremely essential.


And last but not the least you must use proper graphic and designing tools for all these purposes cause you need to update yourself with time so in order to get a proper color scheme you must also use specialized and developed tools

So, use these components properly in order and properly to get a complete and highly successful website, well we just witnessed the extreme usefulness of color in the building of a website. So, next times when you create a website don’t forget and underestimate the power of the colors!

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