5 Steps To Speed Up Your Image Heavy Website


At present times all that matters is appearance, the same works on the internet world also. Websites nowadays are rated on the basis of their appearance and design. People often get attracted to the websites that are really good at appearance and that bounds the user to stick to the site. Stopping users to your site is a tough job as we go through a huge number of websites regularly. But there are very few websites that grab our attention and the easiest way to draw a visitor’s attention is by spectacular appearance and no-doubt appearance can be raised higher with “IMAGES”. Images matters a lot in this appearance based platform. Images can enhance the appearance of the website drastically and thus attract huge mass and as a result rank higher on the search results.

Image is a necessity nowadays in all kind of websites, whether it is Fashion, E-Commerce, Blog, etc. Thus image is an extremely important component in every kind of websites.

But, Image too has some drawbacks, it takes a lot of time to load thus slows down the website, and speed is something really important. So, it is highly irritating and troublesome to handle an image heavy website.

Now, in this situation the question that arises is that, is there any way to speed up Image Heavy website? Yes, the website need to follow the three rule principle in order to maintain the speed of such websites i.e. load faster, load lighter, load fewer. These principles must be looked after while designing the website in order to keep the speed proper. Now it is quite tough to figure out what exactly to do in order to maintain the speed of image heavy website. And once you achieve something like that without any doubt that will be a website worth remembering.

In this article we will discuss about very important 5 steps in order to achieve a fast image heavy website.

Now without wasting any time further let’s proceed to the points that will help you use the attractive element that is image that too without compromising with the speed of your website.


Resize doesn’t mean using CSS or HTML for the purpose. It basically means that resizing its specifications. Generally the images that you get for your website are quite big almost like 4000 x 3000 px now that big pictures can take a notably big time to load, where as if you resize it to a bit smaller specifications it will absorb less time and thus increase the speed of your website. Like resizing the big image to 800 x 1000 px can really bring out big changes and speed up the loading of the page. Thus resizing big pictures is indeed a key step to speed up the website.


Well it indeed is a confusing task to choose the format of the image. There are several formats of image like, JPEG, PNG, SVG etc. Now which one to choose? Most of the people face this problem in choosing this format. Now basically it depends on the purpose and placing of the image. Each format has its own size and specifications. Now it finally depends on the owner to choose. There is another very useful format called WebP but it is quite overlooked. WebP combines all the best of the other formats and give best quality in the smallest possible size. Thus using WebP format is a good way to speed up the webpage. Thus proper format selection takes you one step closer to speed up image heavy website. As a website designing company in delhi we can help you in page load speed optimization, please reach out to us.


It is an obvious fact that in the present scenario most of the tech users use mobile as the device. It has been seen in surveys that most of the internet users use mobile. Thus in order to satisfy the major part of users it is better to make your sites mobile friendly. Thus make your images too mobile friendly. Make your site’s responsiveness. Using mobile friendly and adjustable aspects for images can be highly beneficial. Using responsive website can indeed solve a lot of problem of image heavy sites as it uses CSS for adjusting such sites.


Well keeping your website contents concise is a good way to enhance its speed. You must figure out what are the important and necessary images on your website and which is extra and thus remove extra images in order to optimize your website and speed up the loading time. Thus it is better to keep limited number of images on the website. Excess is always a problem even while using images thus in order to obtain a fast website you must only use necessary images and remove extra images slowing the speed of your website. Thus keeping this thing in mind you can make your website much smoother.


Now once you have looked after the size, format and amount of image now what you need to assure is that your loading time is fast now how can you do that? A fast loading website not only satisfies users but also improve your search rankings. Now one way to do so is that to choose a better CDN (Content Delivery Networks) now the better you choose the faster your website loading gets. Basically it helps to deliver the content to the user from one of their nodes closest to the user instead of bringing the content from your website and bring that to the user. Thus it saves a lot of time and thus boosts up the loading time. Thus using a proper CDN is indeed a good idea.


Now the last step you need to do is to check the results of all these tips and thus test your improved website and the results. And check whether it’s giving the required output or not

Well, these were some very simple tips to follow in order to achieve a fast image heavy website. If you too need a website that have good quality images and at the same time loads faster then go through these some very useful tricks.

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