5 Web Design Turn-Offs To Avoid


Well Internet and Websites has literally become essential necessities of humans. We really need it for our daily lives in the present scenario. Well nowadays all the daily work that we used to do by lot of efforts before now can be done just with a few clicks. You can do anything you want with this amazing Internet. But where there is population there is business and profit this online population was seen as an opportunity by many people and thus E-Commerce came into existence. No matter what your plan is, whether online shop, or information website, or news website, etc. you can do whatever you want now. Even the big companies cannot compete in the present scenario without a successful website. People nowadays don’t even pay offline.

Nowadays all work is done online. And due to the greater ease of these online medium it is much more comfortable for the people to use it and accept it. Thus this online portal has become a necessity for everyone from big businessmen to small startup owners. This is your identity in the online world. Your website will decide your future and make your presence stronger. Well we go through several websites daily but stick to very few. And your target must be to make the jumping visitors stick to your site.

There is a huge competition in the online market. It is very hard to survive there and compete with other companies or owners. But in order to survive in this market and beat others to rise above the only way is to stay determined and to have a unique highly efficient and attractive website.

But, building even a basic website is very hard so having such an excellent website is not a child’s play. You will require a lot of professional assistance and efforts. You will have to work really hard for acquiring such a well designed and developed website.

Creating a website also demands for money and it is something that must be used carefully. Now what will happen if your website does not respond well? Then there must be some problems that the users are facing in your site that must be fixed but that will require quite an amount of money again. There are some really basic but highly irritating turn-offs in most of the website that can bring a lot of losses. As our experience as website designers in gurgaon, let us bring to light – 5 very important Turnoffs that disappoint the users so that during the initial period only you prevent those problems in order to save that excess expenditure and have an unbeatable website in order to beat other competitors and bring yourself up in the search results of Google.

Now let’s see what are those highly important turnoffs that can bring out huge losses by irritating the users?


Speed is really important component in a website. It has been seen that a person only takes some fractions of seconds to decide that to stay in a site or not, so make it count. Speed is highly appreciated by the users and really satisfies them. A slow website is really disappointing and will surely increase the bounce rate greatly. Thus having a speedy interface is highly required as fast you get the more customers or users you get. Everybody nowadays admire speed. Thus having a slow loading website can serve as a turnoff greatly. So the speed of the website must be looked after in order to achieve a perfectly efficient website.


You know I really hate the Pop-ups because they irritate a lot. It has been seen that frequent pop-ups really disappoint users. It really interferes in the work on the website and it is really frustrating to use a site where continuously useless advertisement pages get popped-up. Thus frequent pop-ups are something really troublesome for a visitor and it will definitely not help you satisfy users to stick to your site. Thus it serves as another great turnoff while using a website. Some pop-ups are good as they are a source of income for the site it must be in limit excess popups really puts barriers in the smooth use of a website and thus increases bounce rate. So pop-ups are another factor that you need to consider while creating your website.


Mobiles are the mostly used form of electronic medium, there is no doubt in that. That’s why mobile are nowadays given more preference than any other medium. So, whatever your site be it must be mobile friendly as no doubt your maximum portion of users will be mobile users, and in order to hold that large portion you must make your site mobile friendly. Using big devices is not always possible. The handy mobiles are the mostly used device and thus this huge population can only be satisfies by website that will work best in mobiles.


Well to be honest animation is a key element of a successful UI but nothing is good out of limits. UI is considered to be like the spice of a dish, use it in the correct amount to achieve the best results. Animation is very much attractive and must be included in a site in order to achieve more visitors but extreme animation will irritate users thus keep it within limits to achieve the proper results. Thus, extreme animation is another turnoff that can bring out real adverse effects. So, the limit of the animation must be kept in mind.


It is another prime reason behind visitors’ bounce rate. Auto play media are really annoying it blocks the sections we want to see and are really distracting. You can use several other earning methods but long auto play method is really annoying and disturbs the users a lot. Thus, in order to earn more users without annoying them then eliminate such auto play media. This is one of the greatest turnoffs in a website and if avoided can really serve a lot.

Well, these were some of the turnoffs that really frustrates the visitors and if you look over them then you can really make jumping visitors your regular user. So, focus on the problems and work on it.

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