Website Development Process: Dos And Don’ts For The Newbie Entrepreneur

In this era of technology and science, not a single person is left who is unknown of the technological developments. This technology not only affected people’s life but also the scenario of business world. Nowadays businesses are approaching towards a virtual world where tech savvy consumers no more go to the stores to get things done, they get what they want online. So the use of website for growth of business has become a necessity. But creating website has become common nowadays, so how to make your website most acceptable to the customers?

We know that the basic answer is web design. A good level web design gives a positive perception about your brand and company to the consumers. It makes the customers come again for your service.

Nowadays there has been a considerable rise in the number of entrepreneurs. Huge amounts of the people are not so rich to establish a business empire, and that leads them to the option of job. But if a person don’t have money to establish business and neither do they fancy to do job, then what should they do? This question opened a whole new virtue called entrepreneurship. But even for boosting the rate of profits these entrepreneurs need the help of the virtual hero called WEBSITE. But what are the steps that they must follow in their path in building a successful website, and what they must not do during this time must be vividly discussed.



In today’s world time is money, and we all know it and it really matters a lot in this case. While choosing the web designers you must assure that they will be able to complete the given work in the stipulated time. Ask them for the estimated time they will require to complete the given work and ask them to promise to complete the work within that time. If the work does not gets finished within the estimated time the whole schedule gets messed up. So, it is very important to make sure that the web designers must complete their work within the deadlines.


You must know what exactly you need as a result. Before creating the website you must properly figure out what exactly you need. How you want the website, what features, its appearance, every small details you need to specify. This is the most important step. Properly and assuredly figure out what are your specifications regarding this website. If you are confused you may select some websites you like and show them to the web designers and tell them, what are the things that you like in those websites? You must understand, what is the purpose of the website? Until and unless you figure out how you want to be you cannot expect the web designer to give a satisfactory output. So, before taking a step you must conclude what you exactly need.


If you are the only one i.e. alone in the business then it’s not required much, but if you are a group of people then the issue that often arise is that, difference in views and difference of opinions, you must raise your voice if you are sure that what you think is the best, but there will be several times when you will not be able to come to an agreement in such cases you must appoint an decision taker, whose decision will be final. This is a serious issue that will definitely arise sometime. So, it is best to know that what you are telling is the best or are there better possibilities. These questions can only be answered after proper meeting.


You must figure out what the users expect from your website, whether they like it or not. The only way to do that is to be interactive. Ask for their feedback and suggestions, and do these not only for show, really figure out and know their needs and also respect their opinion. Try to use their suggestions and feedback to improve your website to achieve greater success. After all, the final decision maker is the customers you make them happy, you get extreme results, you disappoint them you get negative results. As it is always said one satisfied customer will bring ten more customers to you. So, always know your customers and their requirements and try your best to provide them with it.

Now we clearly know the steps an entrepreneur must take. Now let’s discuss what are the steps they should never take. It is much more important because people often forget what they should not do. So, we come to



Always stick one thing in mind, time is money but you also need to use it wisely. Never hurry for anything or else definitely it will get messed up. While creating a website don’t hurry, or else the effects will be adverse. Rush will lead you nowhere. Don’t waste time but also don’t hurry. Do everything in a planned and proper manner. Schedule the works properly and live it.Don’t pressurize the designers too much or else they will lose the quality. So, in order to get an effective and quality website, don’t hurry build it steadily.


Never make assumption about your decisions, whatever you decide be certain about it. Never ever take decisions you are not certain of. Be sure of what you want exactly. You must be certain of even the minor details. As you are instructing the designers what you want. So be sure and definite about it, so that they could make it exactly as you want it to be.


Never ever compromise the quality for just some cheap rates. You must realize the importance of quality. Because if you run towards cheap rates and ruin the quality of the output then ultimately you will face losses in your business, you will never be able to achieve success with poor quality. Always remember, this point because this is the step that you should never ever even think to take. Never agree on low quality products for cheaper rates. It is very common technique or trap to lure people through attractive cheap rates, but don’t fall in such traps. Be determined of the quality of product that you want and never compromise on it.


Be determined of your dream and don’t lose hope if faced by obstacles, it is the time to stand strong. You must be determined towards your path to success and never step back. After all Hard Work and Determination are the only two keys of the door to real success.

So, whatever you take up as your purpose of entrepreneurship, while making a website do run over these points and definitely keep these in mind in order to ease your path to success. Success can never be achieved easily but it is not impossible. This steps will help you towards the path to it the rest is always be up to you.

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