Responsive Websites vs. Mobile Apps, What is the difference?

This is basically the era where the world is completely tech dependent. In today’s world no one is unaware of developing technology and its uses. From kids to adults all of us know the importance of technology in the present scenario and how to utilize it. And basically it has helped our life to be much easier than before. You need not do anything nowadays, just some scroll and click and your work will be done without any effort. And the main hero of the time is the Internet that provided human with such opportunities and facilities not only to the buyers end but also to the sellers end. The businessmen and companies are now able to expand their business with greater ease and much lesser expense. Just a website is enough to make your business popular and rise above your competitors.

Well, in the present time the ratio of mobile users is nearly 87% of the total population and that is really huge number. So, the businessman and companies must utilize this opportunity and use the developed web-design techniques to approach to the smartphone and mobile users rather than remaining only within the limit of PC or laptop.

Even children’s nowadays have smartphones and use them efficiently. It is seen that a person spend most of his/her time in the smartphone using internet. Thus this may be utilized as a golden opportunity to attract and reach to a huge mass and boost your business to a massive success.

But, the question that arise is that how to move your website from bigger screens to smaller screens? A few years ago there were no answers to this question. But presently you have 2 choices that are, first RESPONSIVE WEBSITE and second MOBILE APP. These are the two way to reach to the mass audience (Mobile Users) and thus boost your business faster than others. Now both the choices have its facilities and disadvantages.

Today we will discuss about these two present time requirement and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

First you need to distinguish these two properly.


Well basically responsive websites are the websites that work efficiently in all kind of mediums with great ease using the help of HTML and CSS. Well it just makes a website flexible enough to orient itself depending on the size of the device. So, these are the possible ways to make you available to the people using smaller devices.

Benefits Of Responsive Website Design:

1. Availability

It has no specific user base. It is available for all; each and every person can access it without any download or installation. Thus, it helps in eradicating a lot of effort.

2. No Space Requirement

Well, we just said that responsive websites are not needed to be downloaded thus it does not require any kind of mobile space and so it can be accessed without decreasing the memory of the device.

3. Easy Update And Bug Fixing

Each time you update an app it consumes space and moreover you need to update it to get updated and fixed version. But, look at Responsive Websites, they need not get updated and the bugs are fixed automatically without any of your actions. They are all automatic. You will even not be able to feel the process of update as it will not use any time. Thus this automatic update and bug- fixing surely adds up to be an advantage of Responsive Websites.

4. Less Expensive

Responsive Websites are surely less expensive. The expense of building a Responsive Website is very less as compared to the cost of Mobile applications. The cost of creating a Responsive Website is almost same as the cost of creating a website. Thus this is highly cost efficient, no high extra expense is required for this.

Well, then why even think about an alternative even after having so many benefits? Well, it has some major disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of Responsive Website Design:

1. Internet

An active internet connection is compulsory for using Responsive Websites. Whereas, the mobile apps can work offline too. So, a compulsory internet connection is required for accessing Responsive Websites. Thus, this counts as a disadvantage as having Internet connection always is not possible.

2. Hidden Components

As contents like image and other are not easy to orient in smaller devices thus creating a lot of complications and limitations. As using CSS images and stuff are hidden it also decreases the attractiveness of the website thus affecting the UI adversely thus people will not feel attracted in using your website.

3. Poor UX

Well of course Responsive Websites does not provide a very personalized experience and mostly focuses on giving the main info, thus it lacks on the UX mostly in smaller devices that is one of the most important component for achieving success in market as customer satisfaction is the prime motto, and a bad UX can affect it adversely. Thus it does not much focuses on the experience of the user especially on smaller devices, thus adds up to disadvantages.

4. Slow

Well, it takes a lot of time in loading the websites in smaller devices thus increasing the bounce rate of the company and thus adversely affecting the results of the company. Time is money and Responsive Websites takes a bit long time in smaller interface. So, this is one of the main disadvantages of Responsive Websites.


Well, this choice needs no explanation. We all are aware what a mobile application is. These are applications specially designed for mobile interfaces. Well, this is another alternative that you can use to reach the huge amount of users involved in smaller devices. Basically, most of the mobile users are very much well acquainted with mobile apps and know how to use it. And these are specially designed for mobile interface these cannot be used in other devices such as PC or LAPTOP generally.

Benefits of Mobile Applications:

1. Special Features

Well, of course it has many added features. For instance in Instagram in Website you can see pictures but can’t upload it, but in app you can. Moreover you get notifications automatically and that of course is a helpful feature. Using mobile components like GPS, Sync, etc. also are included in the apps to give a lot of added advantage.

2. Works Offline

This of course counts as an advantage. Even without internet many apps work. It is very useful as Internet may not always be available still you can use it, but in Responsive Websites you can’t.

3. User Friendly

Of course it is much user friendly. It gives the users a personalized experience and a whole new interface than in other devices. It can be seen that people highly prefer mobile apps and feel easy to use it.

4. Safer

It is without any doubt much safer than responsive website, as it is a much personalized interface and has much higher security.

Well, nothing is perfect so this choice also have some really huge disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Mobile Applications:

1. Costly

Of course facilities never come in free. Mobile app is very costly to build. It cannot be used by low budgets. It has high facilities but is also very costly to build as well as to update it. Thus, it is very much expensive choice.

2. Uses Up Space

It is really an extremely disgusting disadvantage you have to download the mobile app and moreover with each update it increases it memory space. It uses up mobile memory space. It is very common that sometimes users get fed up by the high space requirement of some apps. Thus this of course adds up to disadvantages.

3. Updates & Bug Fixing

With each update the app uses up some additional space. You will have to update every time one appears in order to continue using it.

4. Special Third Parties

It cannot be downloaded directly they can only be downloaded by special third parties like Google play store, Samsung stores, etc. It cannot be accessed directly.

Now, whether to choose Responsive Website or Mobile Application is up to you. You need to figure out your needs, budget and planning. If you see a higher bounce rate due to Responsive Website then you may choose alternative and if you see that new customers are visiting it and using it then you may stick to it. After all it’s all up to statistics, Proper Planning and budget and of course a little bit of luck. You now know about both the choices till date now it’s your turn to take a decision to stand out among all other competitors.

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