Cater a Wider Market With Responsive Website Design

It is the user experience(UX) which is always the key to convert a simple website into a successful one. If you wish to target audience, you need to present an attractive and seamlessly easy user experience. It is with the help of a responsive website design that you can enhance your user experience to cater to a wider website, increasing traffic on your website leading to increased revenues for your business.

Some of the benefits of having a responsive website design are-

Attracts more users

Having a responsive website design will certainly help your website gain more traffic. It is the first impression that matters, you need to make sure the visitor gets an impressive first impression of your website which will make sure they will visit the next time too.

Much better user experience

We all know it is the user experience which is key to the quality of a website. Responsiveness of website design provides an enhanced and improved user experience to the users as the screen adapts the size of the device your website is accessed into which makes the buttons, images, content more accessible to the visitors following which it gives a better version of your website to the visitors.

Increases traffic on mobile websites

We all know that mobiles have become more popular than computer systems, so it must be made sure that your website is compatible with both the platforms. Your website should render properly with the small screen and should also have an attractive but easily navigable website design for the mobile phones. A mobile compatible website will surely help to increase sales as mobile phones have become a priority for people.

Maintenance needs are low

If you have a  responsive website design that means you have standardized and optimal layouts according to the screens which the website runs seamlessly in both a desktop and a mobile phone which reduces the problem for designers to render the design separately for different systems and platforms hence the needs for maintenance is also low.

Faster loading time

Having a responsive website design for your website makes the website load much faster on all the devices. With more responsive images and templates, it decreases the load time consistently. It is seen that most users leave the website if it takes more than 5 to 6 seconds to load. So, it is beneficial for a website that takes less time to load for the users.

Search Engine Optimization is improved

One of the benefits of responsive web design is better to search engine optimization(SEO) for your website. A website that pops up higher in the search results is the website preferred most by the visitors. Responsiveness of website is seen by Google to rank the websites accordingly. It is seen that if your website is not responsive as the others that Google tends to place it much lower than it should be placed.

A greater offline browsing experience

Now, most of the websites available use the HTML5 which enables it to continue to view content even if you don’t have an internet connection. This let the visitors continue browsing offline too.

Bounce rates are much lower

When a percentage of visitors that are on a website bounce back or leave the website by just seeing one page it is known as Bounce Rate. If the bounce rates of a website are higher this indicates that the home page or the front page of the website is either boring or not as expected by the visitors. Having a responsive web design allows the visitor to stick to your website for a longer period of time and explore it completely. Lower bounce rates indicate increasing traffic for a website.

Easier web analytics

Before if you had a website for different platforms you need to maintain multiple sets of web analytics. Now if your website has a responsive web design this makes the work easier as you just have to maintain a single set of analytics for all the platforms or devices your website is running.

Keeps you ahead of your competitors

A website that works well will all the available platforms in the market gives you a lead in the competition with your competitors. This is because now also few businesses have responsive web designs. So this keeps you ahead in the market to capture more and more customer and generate more revenue through your website.


All of the above-mentioned points shows that having a responsive website design for your website keeps you ahead in every way. As the technology grows and there is an introduction of more devices, responsiveness for a website will become more important and beneficial but complex. If you are still settling for lower and unresponsive web designs then you may have to think to redesign your website if you desire to stay in the competition.   So it is important to stay up to date with the latest website trends and to provide users with the experience they expect from you.

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