Designing A Website for Affiliate Marketing

If you are thinking that creating a website for affiliate marketing is a big struggle and if you are new at this, let us help you. But before we take you to the main discussion, you must understand what Affiliate Marketing is!

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

To start with, affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to earn money online. In simple words, when you recommend a third party’s products to people and when they buy it, you get commission. And all this process undergoes online. So, when a buyer decides to buy something that you are offering, he lands on your affiliate site and he is redirected to the merchant’s site, the buyer finally makes the purchase and you are awarded a handsome commission.

Starting with your Affiliate Marketing Website

Before you start with your affiliate website building, you should know the answers to these points-

The industry you are going to take.

The kind of products and services you will promote and sell on your website.

These points needs to be answered because you will create content accordingly. So, if you choose different industries simultaneously, you may end up being stuck in the process of creating content. Also, you cannot ignore good content because it is the base of your website.

How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing

First of all, ditch the website you got for free at the end of completion of your Affiliate Marketing program. Reason- it is generic and looks like any next affiliate website you look online. You need something unique and customized as per the products you choose to promote. Visitors appreciate new and unique websites and not the ones which look almost same.

You have two options here:

  1. Go for a WordPress website
  2. Hire professionals to build website from scratch

Now selecting from the two options is totally dependent on your needs and capability as both of them are different in terms of cost, time consumption and how much you are into it.

If you go for WordPress to build a website for free, you will still need to buy two things, first Domain name and second Web Hosting. Both of them are equally important because one sets URL for your website and other checks whether you are visible online or not.

Selection of domain name should be influenced by selection of right keywords for the services and products you are going to promote and sell.

However, if you choose to get it from scratch, you can rely on your website development company for that matter.

We suggest if you are planning to work here full time you can go for custom website designing. However, if you are planning for working on affiliate marketing part time, and have restricted budget, you can go for template-based website.

Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Content for your Website

The first and foremost step is creating content for your website. If you think you don’t want to do that, here’s the thing- the websites that do not have content do not get any return by visitors and are ranked poorly in the search engine. If you don’t want to write it yourself, you can go for articles available online.

Next, upload the content you created and make sure that you add images because images are more engaging and easier to interpret. You can find images free on free images sites. But make sure that you use them creatively.

Content is just a base to place affiliate links but make sure that it is not too obvious that you are trying to make a sale even if you really are. That looks spammy. You can create separate pages for the products you are promoting or show it in the tables, but it is important to understand that visitors have come to your website for genuine content, which they find helpful. Of course, you are trying to make a sale, but you can also do it by building trust. Trust ensures the visitors come back.

Another important thing to keep in mind feeding the search engine. Your website must be search engine friendly. The first para of your main page of website should be full of tags and keywords. It is important that your website is discoverable through organic search.

Content vs Promotion on your Website

Remember that the tone of your content should be informative and helpful to the visitor. However, the tone of the products you are promoting should be full of sales pitch.

Your affiliate website is more than just a digital brochure!

How to improve your website starting from beginner to Pro?

  • Don’t just focus on money, focus on value
  • Create informative content for visitors
  • Patience is the key
  • Checkout the websites of other successful affiliate marketers
  • You don’t need to know everything just know what is important
  • Keep a track of latest trends in that area

Also, after a certain period of time you will eventually see some traffic on your website if you have informative content, then is the time to look for the affiliate links. Once you are sure of traffic, you can then add affiliate links in your content and promote sales.

Getting some other insights

  1. Cross selling-

    cross selling is when you sell some other similar kind of products to the customer who bought goods from you. You may be promoting different products but once you know interests of a customer, cross selling is worth considering.

  2. Be selective-

    selection is important. If you manage to get some good response, growth is worth considering but try not to deviate too much from the industry you are currently working for.

BONUS POINT- your website should not be just a bunch of affiliate links but much much more than that. Take your time and let that sink in!

Now that you are well aware of the dos and don’ts for designing your affiliate marketing website, get started. Good Luck!

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